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You can enjoy a safari of your choice via us and book accommodation in private rooms or special aurora borealis cabins. We highly recommend our special programs.

Aurora Cabins

Gaze at the arctic sky from the comfort of your bed. From 450 €

Aurora Cabins

Sense the arctic nature and space opening up above you. From 450 €

Aurora Cabins

Sense the arctic nature and space opening up above you. From 450 €

Ice Cabins

Spend a night in an unique ice log cabin. Only in Apukka. From 295 €

Twin Rooms

Cozy twin rooms sizes vary from 13 m² to 25 m². From 129 €


For families and groups up to 7. From 129 €

Holiday Homes

30 m² – 90 m² holiday homes with an own entrance. From 129 €

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Northern Light Fact #5 – The Space Lights

Did you know that astronauts may have the best views of the Northern Lights? When orbiting the Earth, the Northern Lights can be seen directly across from the spaceships in a view unlike any other. The altitude of the Northern Lights is actually same as the altitude...

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Northern Light Fact #4 – The Southern Lights

You know Aurora Borealis, but what about Aurora Australis? Northern Lights are well known around the globe, but very few know that they have their southern counterpart. Around the southern magnetic pole the aurora occurs same way as in the north and actually they...

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Northern Light Fact #3 – The Color

Why are the Northern Lights so often green? The colors of auroras are determined by the gases in the Earth’s atmosphere, and incoming solar particles tend to collide with different gases at different heights. The most common height for the particles to collide is from...

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Northern Light Fact #2 – The Firefox

Have you heard about the Firefox that creates the Northern Lights? Northern Lights can be confusing. Nowadays we know Aurora Borealis is caused by Earth’s magnetic field and wildly flying particles from the sun, but can you imagine how hard it was to explain this...

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Northern Light Fact #1 – The Sound

Northern Lights look great, but did you know that they also produce sound? Some people say that you can hear faint sounds such as claps, crackles, and static sounds while Northern Lights are on the sky. However, the aurora noise is so rare that hearing it is possible...

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