Easter Holiday in Lapland Apukka Resort

8+ Reasons to Spend Your Easter Holiday in Lapland

A long holiday around Easter is the perfect reason to travel, and what would be a better way to spend it than by heading to Lapland? We gathered eight reasons why you should spend your Easter Holiday in Lapland.

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1. Spend Your Easter Holiday Like a Local

Not only do the locals in Lapland head outdoors to enjoy their favorite time of the winter around the Easter holidays, but Finnish people, in general, choose to spend their Easter holiday in Lapland. This is the closest you’ll ever get to spending your holiday in Lapland like a Finn.

2. Sun

After the long and dark polar night, days are finally getting longer. Sun reflects from the snow making this the lightest time of the year! By the time of Easter holidays the sun is up for over 12 hours a day.  

3. Snow

All the snow that has fallen during the winter has packed into a shiny, thick cover on the ground that can hold your weight. Locals call this “hankikanto,” which translates to snow that carries. Snowy tracks for activities last easily until mid-April, after which slowly snow starts melt and spring can begin.

4. Weather Forecast for your Easter Holiday

As the sun keeps getting closer to Rovaniemi, temperatures start to rise. Days are often sunny and night sky filled with stars and Northern Lights around Easter. Day temperatures vary between comfortable –5 and +5 Celcius degrees, but nights stay below zero keeping the snow on the ground.

5. Easter Holidays Have the Optimal Conditions for Winter Activities 

The thick snow cover, along with sunny, mild weather, make the optimal conditions for winter activities! With longer days, you’ll have more hours in the day for joining in on tours, and combined with milder temperatures; you’ll enjoy the outdoors longer. 

6. Drinks on a Terrace  

Take a moment to relax on a sunny terrace and have a drink! Locals love to do everything outdoors around Easter, like putting up their garden furniture to enjoy the rays of sun they have been missing for months during the polar night. 

Northern Lights in Apukka Resort Easter Holiday

7. Easter Holiday under the Northern Lights

Remember to save some energy for the late nights as the auroral activity tends to be a lot higher around Easter! As the earlier years have shown, huge Northern Light storms are likely to be seen even in April. For example, in 2022, we had massive auroras above Apukka Resort in Rovaniemi, Lapland, 4 nights in a row from 28.3. until 2.4.! 

8. Authentic Experiences

Though Lapland is one of the favorite locations for the Easter holiday among Finnish people, Lapland starts to quiet down from tourists as people are beginning to wait for the summer. This is when you’ll get to experience Lappish authenticity at its best. Plus, it is easier for you to plan your perfect holiday as there are more openings for tours and options for accommodations. 

8+. Affordable Prices!

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