Christmas time in Rovaniemi Apukka Resort Lapland Finland

Christmas in Rovaniemi

Magic Comes Alive at Christmas in Rovaniemi

The Christmas season in Rovaniemi and Apukka Resort starts in November, when a unique and warm holiday spirit takes over. The Elves start tiptoeing all around with their naughty or nice -lists, Rovaniemi gets decorated with festive Christmas lights, and Christmas carols spread the holiday spirit everywhere in Lapland. After all, Rovaniemi is the official hometown of Santa Claus, and we at Apukka Resort are located very close to his headquarters. Here in the far up North, Christmas is truly a heart-warming celebration, something you do not want to miss out on.

In the Search of Santa Claus

Did you know that one of Santa’s many secret hideaways is located in the midst of the Magic Forests of Apukka Resort? It is a place filled with Christmas spirit that only the Elves know the pathway to, a place where Christmas dreams come true, learn the skills of being an elf, and meet Santa Claus himself.

An Elf greets you at Apukka Resort, ready to take you on a magical journey through snow-covered scenery. Take a seat in the cozy sleigh and enjoy the ride by Santa’s reindeer. As you get closer to the secret hideaway, you might catch a glimpse of red between the trees as the funny Elves of Apukka are sneaking a peek at their new friends!

 The jolly Elves will keep you busy with their Christmassy activities, teaching you the tricks of being an elf, before guiding your family through a secret path to Santa’s hidden hut! Santa is already waiting for you and has a small gift for each member of your family.

Spend Christmas Holidays at Apukka Resort

Get away from all the Christmas fuss and rush, and head out to Apukka Resort to enjoy the perfect Christmas vacation. We’ve created perfect Christmas Holiday Packages for you to enjoy in the peace and quiet of our winter wonderland.

Santa’s Trainee Reindeer at Apukka Resort Rovaniemi

Now then, dear Friend, we’ll let you in on a well-kept secret. We have reindeer at Apukka Resort, carefully chosen elite Father Christmas trainees. Each year Santa Claus, together with his trusted companion Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer, chooses a new group of promising, young reindeer to enter the training program called “the Enchanted Reindeer on the Christmas Sky.” Reindeer with the best grades pass the program and get the great honor of pulling Santa’s sleigh across the world on Christmas. It is an honor that any reindeer dreams of. The reindeer that live in Apukka are still at the beginning of their training program, but according to Santa’s words, they have great potential to follow in Rudolph’s footsteps. Just imagine, one day, these very reindeer may be flying above you in the night skies at Christmas time, helping Santa Claus to deliver gifts to all the children of the world. Magical thought, isn’t it? Join our reindeer for their adventures (on land as the flying practice only comes later in their training) as they practice for this important task that awaits them in the Christmases to come!

Christmas Food with a Hint of Magic

Surely you know that Santa loves his cookies with milk, but he is not the only one to appreciate tasty food at Christmas time. In Finland, we love Christmas, not least because of the delicious dishes prepared for this special holiday. Delicious aromas and pure joy fill the air as the dinner table is set with the most delicious, authentic Lappish Christmas dishes. As some of the recipes we use are a gift from Mrs. Claus and the Baking Department of the Elves, we are proud to guarantee that there is always a hint of magic in the food served in Restaurant Aitta.  Maybe Santa himself will stop by for a visit at Apukka Resort on Christmas Day, as we all know that Santa Claus can’t resist good food!




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