Imagine yourself
in the middle of unspoilt 
winter wonderland.

It’s close to midnight, but the landscape covered in thick white snow is glistening in moonlight. Old growth forests of spruce, pine and birch surround buildings made of robust logs. But not just any logs. These are made of pure ice.


You are way, way up north. Almost precisely on the Arctic Circle, a long way from all the hustle and hurry. Millions of stars are perfectly visible from the lake, where you have a clear view all around you. The sled comes to a halt, and your guide points out towards north where a pale glow is gathering above the horizon.


As you step on the ice, the first bands begin reaching across the night sky. Shimmering. Flickering. In the shades of green and red, just like that a bright corona explodes above you, covering the entire sky with light. You are home.


Be welcomed as a dear friend,
As that’s how we want to take care of you.
And nature fullfills the rest.

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