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For Media

Dear media representative, our team is here for you! On this page, you will find helpful information about media collaborations with Apukka Resort.

Our Focus on Media Collaborations

Autumn, Late Winter, and Summer

Our goal for media collaborations is to increase the knowledge of the less popular times to visit Apukka Resort, Rovaniemi, and Lapland. This is why we focus on collaborations carried out in autumn, late winter, and summer.

Sustainable Travel

Sustainability lies at the heart of Apukka Resort’s values, which is why it should also be reflected in the content produced during our partnerships. Naturally, we hope that all our media partners share this commitment with us.

Are you our media partner?

We are looking for media partners who have the passion to share the magic of Apukka Resort with its audience. We expect authentic content with high-quality.

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Social Media Collaborations

We always collaborate by exchanging services. Suppose you are the perfect match to be Apukka Resort’s brand ambassador. In that case, we are happy to provide you with an unforgettable stay and bucket-list activities in exchange for social media exposure and content for our marketing use.

Minimum Requirements
  • Daily dedicated stories in all your social media channels
  • Daily dedicated static posts (of which at least one must be a reel) on all your social media channels
  • Minimum 5 high-quality pictures for our marketing use
  • Minimum 2 reels for our marketing use
  • @apukkaresort must be tagged to all stories & posts from our Resort
  • Location must be set to Apukka Resort Rovaniemi when possible
  • Proper hashtags used #apukkaresort & #apukkaadventures

Media Inquiries

For all media, please fill out the form below. Our marketing team will go through all inquiries. We try to respond to all inquiries submitted the form below, but priority is on those who meet our criteria.