The Story of Apukka Resort

From Tavern to Resort

The Story of Apukka Resort

Step inside, dear friend, have a seat by the fireplace. It’s been 150 years since the first voyagers wrote their names in the Apukka tavern guestbook.

story of apukka resort rovaniemi lapland finland

Your experience unfolds under the same stars, watching the Northern Lights dance in the Lapland sky. But you get to enjoy the comfort of your glass-roofed igloo at Apukka Resort.

Outside, adventure awaits. Just 10 minutes from Rovaniemi Airport, the rolling hills and green forests surrounding Lake Olkkajärvi beckon you to explore not only the beautiful wilderness but also your inner self. What wild things can you discover in this silent and dreamy landscape?

When you’re here, you’re family. Get comfortable and enjoy your home away from home, make a new friend and share your story. These old logs have heard many a tale of adventure and even seen an aeroplane built inside them in the 1920’s.

Our rich history inspires us to innovate, and offers you the opportunity to experience a truly unique holiday.

It Started as a Tavern - The Beginning of Apukka Hospitality

Built as a farmhouse in the early 1800’s, Apukka became a tavern in 1865 as part of a national network that placed a tavern every 20 kilometres on essential routes. Apukka was located right on the way from Rovaniemi to the forests of the north and the Arctic Ocean.

The taverns were obliged to offer a bed, food, and a ride on horse and carriage for a standard rate to any passing voyager. A fire was always kept in the tavern for feeding hungry guests at any hour.

Innovation and Research Through the 20th Century

For seven decades, stories and laughter echoed in Apukka as adventurers shared their tales of wonder inside the timber walls of the tavern. But some of the most amazing things took place right there: in 1926, Jukka Lindström, middle son of the tavern owners, built an airplane with his hands inside the house.

Next, with his brother, he designed and built a motorcycle-pulled passenger sled that was used on the snowy roads and trails of Lapland. Today, we think of this sled as the ancestor to our Apukka Snowtrain.

The tavern of Apukka, well known around the Rovaniemi area for its great horses, had open doors until the 1930’s as the site became a nature research station from 1938 all the way to 2012.

Story of Apukka Resort rovaniemi lapland finalnd
story of apukka resort rovaniemi lapland finland

Today Apukka Resort is a Destination

In 2017, a few men possessing the same spirit of innovation as their predecessors almost a century earlier walked into Apukka and saw what could be.

With one foot planted in the past and the other pointing forward, they built a place that travellers once again could enjoy – this time with a focus on the natural beauty of Apukka and phenomena like the Northern Lights and Midnight Sun that Lapland is famous for.

Today, Apukka Resort is an international travel destination that offers awe- inspiring holidays through bucket list activities, unique accommodation and fresh local food. Ask the owners and they’ll say it’s the excursion of a lifetime they’re both proud and grateful of – there’s nothing more rewarding than satisfied guests enjoying your hard work.

Welcome to Apukka Resort, Dear Friend, Where all of us are Wild at Heart

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