Autumn activities

The autumn in Lapland is something you have to experience to believe the beauty of it. The autumn foliage paints the trees and the soil with different shades of red, yellow and brown. The thousands of lakes and rivers of Finland reflect the colours of autumn creating an illusion of being in the middle of an oil painting created by a gifted artist. What better way to experience the autumn of Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland, than joining our guided excursions here at Apukka Resort.

Autumn adventures in Apukka Resort

The autumn in Lapland provides amazing opportunities to explore the surrounding arctic nature by boat, by foot or by car. During daytime you can visit our furry friends, the huskies and the reindeer, to learn more about their daily life. Optionally you can join our guided hike deep into the forest and hear more about the history, traditional handicraft and nature of Finland or jump to a boat that’ll take you to a boat ride to some of the most beautiful corners of Lapland. If you wish to experience something truly authentic, join us for a full day in the forests by combining two of the most Finnish activities introducing outdoor cooking and wilderness survival skills. Later on as the autumn starts to reach towards the winter, the nights get darker and start to present great chances to spot the magical Northern Lights. Hop on a car with our guide or join our guided boat ride to find the best locations to admire the beautiful Aurora Borealis! Book your unforgettable autumn adventures in Apukka Resort from here:

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