Experience the Northern Lights and Autumn Colours of Finnish Lapland

Autumn Tours in Apukka Resort Rovaniemi

(September – November)

Autumn presents great chances to experience the marvels of Lapland and witness the rapid change of seasons in the far North. The dark nights of fall give room to magic in the nightly skies. September is the beginning of Aurora Borealis season and time for the yellow, orange, and red colouring the Lappish nature; it’s the time of Autumn foliage. October and November greet us with some of the best possibilities to spot the mythical Northern Lights in the sky above us. Our Resort’s location by the lake Olkkajärvi gives our guests a unique opportunity to witness so-called double Auroras; the Aurora arch on the sky and its reflection on the water.

Please note! November is the month between autumn and winter. Autumn tours are available in November as long as we have enough snow to operate winter activities. All our guests will be informed and tours adapted accordingly. Follow our social media and website for the latest info.

There are many other legends,
Incantations that were taught me,
That I found along the wayside,
Gathered in the fragrant copses,
Blown me from the forest branches,
Culled among the plumes of pine-trees.
Many runes the cold has told me,
Many lays the rain has brought me,
Other songs the winds have sung me;
Many birds from many forests,
Oft have sung me lays n concord
Waves of sea, and ocean billows,
Music from the many waters,
Music from the whole creation.


About us

Apukka Resort is a unique place in Finnish Lapland, located on the edge of Rovaniemi city and the vast wilderness. We offer a variety of different accommodation types, thrilling outdoor activities, and delicious food in our authentic restaurant Aitta. Our doors are open to everyone, no matter if you’re staying with us or in Santa Claus Village or in Rovaniemi city. Come and stay with us, enjoy a meal in our beautiful restaurant Aitta or spend an adventurous day on one of our safaris – in any case, we welcome you as a dear Friend.
And nature fulfills the rest. 




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