Early winter husky sled ride at Apukka Resort Rovaniemi Lapland Finland

Early Winter Husky Ride in Lapland

Launch into the Dog Sledding season ahead of the pack

Our Husky Tours in Rovaniemi

( 11 November – 28 November )

Curious about husky tours in November? At Apukka Resort, it’s not just possible – it’s an exciting reality. Join these unique tours and enjoy an activity typically reserved for later months, all thanks to our specially prepared trails made from stored snow.

Do you want to be among the first to enjoy husky sledding this season?

Before the winter season starts in earnest, our huskies are already training their conditioning – come and immerse yourself in the life of huskies through our special early winter husky experiences. During these activities, you’ll have the chance to pet them, capture photos, and hear interesting stories from their dedicated trainers. We can promise an abundance of cuteness!

The longest of our early winter husky tours is a 3 km safari across fields and through forests. This tour allows you to play the role of the musher, taking control of your team of excited huskies. Concerned about the absence of snow? No worries; we’ve stored ample snow from the previous season to guarantee a genuinely unique experience, even if natural snow is scarce.

All of our husky tours start at Apukka Resort, located at Tutkijantie 28, 96900 Rovaniemi. Transfers to and from the city center and Santa Claus Village are included. Most of the tours occur in the immediate vicinity of the resort, and we utilize private trails and lands.

Why choose an early winter husky tour?

Guaranteed snowy trails

In case of insufficient natural snowfall, we rely on stored snow and snow cannons to create the snowy trails for you.

Learn about the life of huskies

Curious about the lives of these great animals? Our trainers have all the answers and more to satisfy your curiosity.

Enjoy the best of Lapland

Short on time but eager to meet the huskies? Opt for a tour that bundles multiple wintry activities into one package.

November Husky Tours FAQ

When can I experience husky tours?

Most of our early winter tours kick off on November 13th, with a few exceptions. We recommend checking the details for each tour individually by clicking on their respective listings on this page.

Will there be snow in November?

November marks the start of winter in Lapland, and typically, the first snowfall has already occurred by then. However, temperatures can fluctuate, causing natural snow to come and go. Fortunately, we’ve stockpiled snow from the previous season and employ snow cannons to ensure you can enjoy wintry activities without worry.

How can I book the activities?

You can book activities right here on the site, by email sales@apukkaresort.fi or by calling us +358 29 3700 269.

For group enquiries, we kindly ask you to contact our sales team to sales@apukkaresort.fi.

Can I book a husky tour as a first-time dog sled driver?

Certainly! On tours where you can lead the dog sled, our seasoned mushers offer comprehensive guidance. Please keep in mind that children are not permitted to be mushers.

Do I need to bring extra warm clothes?

For our dog sledding adventures, we offer top-notch winter gear such as toasty boots, a snug thermal suit, mittens, and woolen socks. However, we suggest bringing your own thick winter hat, a cozy scarf, suitable thermal undergarments, and a comfortable mid-layer to guarantee a warm and comfortable experience on our tours.

Are the huskies treated ethically?

Yes! At Apukka Resort, the welfare of our huskies is a top priority. We’ve created a spacious dog yard for them, and there’s always a trainer just a bark’s distance away. They even receive regular visits from a dog massage therapist (a human who massages dogs, not a dog acting as a masseur!) to ensure their muscles stay in peak condition. Our trainers will be happy to provide you with more information during one of our husky tours.

Even though our huskies are very kind, it’s important to instruct kids to avoid sudden movements or yelling that might startle our dogs.

How do I get to Apukka from Rovaniemi city / Santa’s Village?

The price of the activity includes transfers with our shuttle bus.

Rovaniemi city center bus stop: Korkalonkatu 36, Rovaniemi, close to Apukka Rovaniemi City Apartments.

Santa Claus Village: Santa Claus Village’s bus stop by the main road (road E75).

Information about Apukka Resort

Nestled on the edge of Rovaniemi, Apukka Resort offers a distinctive Lapland experience. Beyond traditional lodging, we provide diverse accommodation choices, such as glass igloos, thrilling outdoor activities, and delicious cuisine. Whether you’re staying with us or in Rovaniemi city center or Santa Claus Village, our warm welcome awaits. Enjoy an authentic Lappish meal, join our safaris, or simply relax—our doors are open to all. Let nature’s wonders complete your memorable visit.




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