Early Winter Local Tours in Lapland

Enjoy yourself like the locals do

Our Local Life Excursions in Rovaniemi

( 11 November – 28 November )

Wondering how the locals have fun in Lapland? Our early winter local tours showcase the vibrant activities of the season. Experience eFatbiking, ice fishing, or a traditional Finnish sauna – just a taste of our diverse offerings.

Embrace the Lappish way of life

Nature lies at the very core of Lapland’s local culture, and we invite you to immerse yourself in this rich way of life through our diverse activities. Embark on an adventure with our electrically-assisted eFatbikes, making it easy to explore the serene woods. For a truly authentic experience, journey to a frozen lake, where you’ll drill a hole in the ice and try your hand at ice fishing.

For more Arctic adventures, consider a visit to Ranua Wildlife Park, where you can observe iconic Arctic animals up close. If you prefer indoor activities, explore the world of Lappish craftsmanship on an engaging tour. And of course, don’t miss the classic Finnish experience of saunas. For the brave, a dip in the freezing lake awaits – a chilly but invigorating challenge. Brrr!

Our local tours start at Apukka Resort, located at Tutkijantie 28, 96900 Rovaniemi. Transfers to and from the city center and Santa Claus Village are included. Most of the tours occur in the immediate vicinity of the resort, and we utilize private trails and lands.

Why choose an early winter local tour?

A variety of choices to pick from

Lapland boasts a wide array of fun experiences, and accordingly, we offer a diverse selection of tours to cater to your likes.

Authentic saunas for everyone

You’ve likely heard about Finnish saunas, but each sauna offers a unique experience – come and try it for yourself at Apukka.

Perfect time to enjoy Lappish nature

Early winter beckons nature enthusiasts with crisp air and more accessible terrain for exploration before heavy snowfall occurs.

November Local Tours FAQ

How physically demanding is the eFatbike tour?

You don’t need to be an athlete; the electric assistance of the eFatbikes helps a lot in the more challenging spots of the trail. While being in good shape can enhance your experience, it’s not mandatory.

Are there height or weight limits for eFatbiking?

To participate, you must be at least 150 cm tall, and the maximum weight limit is 110 kg.

Are there any rules I need to follow on an eFatbiking tour?

All participants must wear helmets. Additionally, individuals under the influence of alcohol or drugs are prohibited from driving.

Are there fish in the lakes around Apukka?

Absolutely! The European perch, known as “ahven” in Finnish, is the most common catch.

What can we do with the caught fish?

You have two options: release it back into the lake to continue growing, or our guide can assist you in preparing it for a delicious snack.

Can I visit the sauna without a swimsuit?

Certainly! Swimsuits are not required in the sauna. If you want to use the jacuzzi or swim in Lake Olkkajärvi, then a swimsuit is necessary. You can enjoy the sauna either in the traditional Finnish style (completely nude) or by wearing a towel, whichever makes you feel more comfortable.

How does ice swimming work?

Experience ice swimming with our “Lakeside Sauna & Arctic Bath” package. Our sauna host will guide you on safe and enjoyable sauna usage. Taking a dip in cold water offers invigorating sensations, but please remember not to jump into the freezing water for safety reasons!

How to get from Santa’s village / city center to Apukka?

The price of the activity includes transfers with our shuttle bus.

Santa Claus Village: Santa Claus Village’s bus stop by the main road (road E75).

Rovaniemi city center bus stop: Korkalonkatu 36, Rovaniemi, close to Apukka Rovaniemi City Apartments.

More about Apukka Resort

At Apukka Resort, we provide an ideal entry point to discover the wonders of Lapland. Whether you opt for our glass cabins or other distinctive lodgings, you’ll be immersed in the captivating Arctic wilderness. In addition to our local tours, you can experience the excitement of husky rides, the awe of Northern Lights, and travel with the reindeer in the heart of nature. Our convenient location and excellent transportation connections ensure you can seamlessly blend nature-based adventures with visits to the Rovaniemi city and Santa Claus Village.




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