November Husky Tours

In Rovaniemi, Lapland

Curious about husky tours in November? At Apukka Resort, it’s not just possible – it’s an exciting reality. Join these unique tours and enjoy an activity typically reserved for later months, all thanks to our specially prepared trails made from stored snow.

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Traveling in a different season? Here you will find autumn husky safaris and winter husky sledding tours.

Do you want to be among the first to enjoy husky sledding this season?

Before the winter season starts in earnest, our huskies are already training their conditioning – come and immerse yourself in the life of huskies through our special early winter husky experiences. During these activities, you’ll have the chance to pet them, capture photos, and hear interesting stories from their dedicated trainers. We can promise an abundance of cuteness!

The longest of our early winter husky tours is a 3 km safari across fields and through forests. This tour allows you to play the role of the musher, taking control of your team of excited huskies. Concerned about the absence of snow? No worries; we’ve stored ample snow from the previous season to guarantee a genuinely unique experience, even if natural snow is scarce.

All of our husky tours start at Apukka Resort, located at Tutkijantie 28, 96900 Rovaniemi. Transfers to and from the city center and Santa Claus Village are included. Our tours take place in the immediate vicinity of the resort, utilizing private trails and lands.

Why choose an early winter husky tour?

Guaranteed Snowy Trails for You

In case of insufficient natural snowfall, we rely on stored snow and snow cannons to create the snowy trails for you.

Learn about the life of huskies

Curious about the lives of these great animals? Our trainers have all the answers and more to satisfy your curiosity.

Enjoy the Best of Lapland

Short on time but eager to meet the huskies? Opt for a tour that bundles multiple wintry activities into one package.