November Reindeer Rides

In Rovaniemi, Lapland

Did you know that reindeer rides are available as early as November? That’s right, you don’t have to wait until Christmas to experience this peaceful Arctic mode of transport straight from the pages of history and legend.

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Welcome the coming winter with the world-famous reindeer

Welcome the early winter as nature prepares for the cold. Join our reindeer tours for a unique experience, exploring nature, chasing the Northern Lights, and immersing in Christmas magic like never before! We’ve stockpiled snow from the previous winter to ensure your peaceful journeys, guided by the animal known across the world from Christmas tales – the iconic reindeer.

Since time immemorial, people have relied on reindeer for transportation in Lapland. Today, you have the opportunity to witness these wonderful animals in their natural habitat. Our professional reindeer herders lead every team, ensuring you can relax and relish the ride. These journeys will leave you with a profound appreciation for reindeer and their dedicated herders.

All of our reindeer tours begin at Apukka Resort, located at Tutkijantie 28, 96900 Rovaniemi. Transfers to and from the city center and Santa Claus Village are included. The tours take place in the immediate vicinity of the resort, utilizing private trails and lands.

Why choose an early winter reindeer tour?

Snow-covered trails for you

If there isn’t enough natural snow, we utilize stored snow and snow cannons to create snowy trails for the tours.

Discover the world of reindeer

Intrigued by the lives of the reindeer? Our helpful herders have all the answers and more to quench your curiosity.

Enjoy the Best of Lapland

Limited time but excited to meet the reindeer? Choose a tour that combines multiple activities into one adventure.