Sauna Excursions in Apukka Resort – Rovaniemi Lapland

Authentic Moments in the Most Well-known Wellness Experience of Finland

Sauna Experiences in Apukka Resort Rovaniemi

( September – April )

Would you dare to try sauna and Arctic swimming?

Apukka Resort has its own special world of saunas; a wood-heated sauna, electric sauna, sauna by the lake with Arctic swimming facilities, you name it. Still, the most extraordinary sauna of Apukka is our design; a sauna carriage. This is a small wood-heated sauna on skis that you can have on the doorstep of your glass igloo or suite.

Remember to order sauna drinks, too; it’s part of the Finnish sauna culture.

Apukka Sauna Experiences in Autumn

Apukka’s saunas are heated daily from the morning until late at night. While staying with us, what would be better than privately having a relaxing and warming sauna moment with your own party? You can book the floating lakeside sauna in autumn with a refreshing swim in lake Olkka or a sauna evening, including a jacuzzi. The ultimate sauna evening choice is a combo of wood-heated sauna, electric sauna, and jacuzzi altogether.

Apukka Sauna Experiences in Winter

Sauna and ice swimming is the most Finnish combo ever! Book your private Lakeside Sauna & Arctic Bath and experience a wood-heated sauna, ice dipping, or even ice swimming if you are brave enough. Our sauna host gives you a briefing on how to do this safely and comfortably.

There are two other winter sauna specialties; a unique ice sauna and a sauna carriage brought to your suite’s doorstep. An ice sauna is literally a sauna made of ice logs. This version of the sauna is Apukka’s own design and really unique. Only a few people in the world have tried this crazy feeling of hot and cold simultaneously.

When wanting to have a relaxing sauna moment by your own accommodation, book a sauna carriage. Then you step out of the cabin’s door and step into the wood-heated sauna. This sauna is available only in winter as it’s moving on the skis.

About Apukka Resort Rovaniemi

Apukka Resort is a unique winter wonderland in Finnish Lapland, located on the edge of Rovaniemi city and the vast wilderness. As our service scale ranges beyond a regular hotel, we offer various accommodation types, thrilling outdoor activities, and delicious food served in our Restaurant Aitta. Our doors are open to everyone, whether staying overnight with us or in the city center of Rovaniemi. Come and stay with us, enjoy a meal or spend an adventurous day on one of our safaris – in any case, we welcome you as a dear friend.
And nature fulfills the rest. 




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