Summer activities

The summer in Rovaniemi is stunning, unique and most of all, light. Come and experience the Nightless Night of Lapland and all of the endless outdoor activities the 24-hour daylight presents.

Summer in Lapland

In a short time after the snow has melted the nature awakes, flowers start to blossom and animals conquer their very own playgrounds in the forests. The Midnight Sun allows people above the Arctic Circle to venture in the nature any time of the day. In Lapland you’ll see fishermen casting their baits in the midst of the night, locals picking berries in the break of dawn and outdoor picnics starting close to midnight. One simply does not have to care about the time during the Lappish summer when planning for a boat ride. It does sound good, doesn’t it?

In Apukka Resort you can experience some of the most authentic Finnish summer activities. Apukka Resort is located right on the side of a big lake offering us the best fishing and boating waters imaginable. Have you always dreamt of catching your very first fish? Or maybe you wish to try rowing a boat? Or perhaps you are interested in learning how to cook your meal by an open fire? If your goal is to experience an authentic summer holiday in Lapland, this is the place for you.

Have a look at the summer activities available and pick your own favourites from here:

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