Summer & Autumn activities

From the midsummer to the late autumn, the nature around us is ever changing. In a short time after the snow has melted the nature awakes, flowers start to blossom and animals conquer their very own playgrounds in the forests. The Midnight Sun allows people above the Arctic Circle to venture in the nature any time of the day. In Lapland you’ll see fishermen casting their baits in the midst of the night, locals picking berries in the break of dawn and outdoor picnics starting close to midnight.

Apukka Resort will remain closed throughout summer 2020 but stay tuned as we will publish summer 2021 soon!

One simply does not have to care about the time during the Lappish summer when planning for a boat ride. As the weeks pass, the autumn foliage paints the trees and the soil with different shades of red, yellow and brown. The thousands of lakes and rivers of Finland reflect the colours of autumn creating an illusion of being in the middle of an oil painting created by a gifted artist.

If your goal is to experience a truly authentic holiday in Lapland,
this is the place for you.

Let our Runes lead you to the paths of history


Our summer and autumn activities will, one Rune at a time, lead you to a journey to the depths of our Finnish legacy. From the forests to the thousands of lakes in Lapland and from the skills of our ancestors to the old traditions cherished still today, we take great pride in introducing the authentic summer of Finland to you.

Each one of the Runes represents something truly Finnish, something we find to be an essential part of our culture. Throughout the Runes, your journey is escorted by the story of Kalevala, the national epic of Finland. There is a great story to be told on the pages of Kalevala, are you ready to hear all of it?

There are many other legends,
Incantations that were taught me,
That I found along the wayside,
Gathered in the fragrant copses,
Blown me from the forest branches,
Culled among the plumes of pine-trees.
Many runes the cold has told me,
Many lays the rain has brought me,
Other songs the winds have sung me;
Many birds from many forests,
Oft have sung me lays n concord
Waves of sea, and ocean billows,
Music from the many waters,
Music from the whole creation.
– Kalevala-

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