Winter activities

The surroundings of Apukka Resort offer the most marvelous possibilities for exploring the winter wonderland of Lapland. Whether you are searching for the Northern Lights, wish to try your skills on a snowmobile or maybe have always dreamt of dog sledding in the midst of the snowy landscapes, this is the place for you! Have a look at our winter activities and combine the Aurora excursions, snowmobile and husky safaris, Finnish sauna experiences and all the other thrilling winter activities we have to offer into the adventure of your dreams! No matter if you are staying overnight in Apukka Resort or Rovaniemi city, Apukka Resort offers something for everyone.

Our trips are for everyone, no matter where you stay. Welcome!


A big part of our team at Apukka Resort consists of our furry collegues, the reindeer and huskies. These animals have been a big part of the life in Lapland for centuries and if you allow them to take you out to a safari, we’ll guarantee it’ll be a trip to remember!

Husky Safaris

Our amazing pack of tens of friendly huskies are waiting for you in the close by surroundings of Apukka Resort ready to take you for an unforgettable ride to the depths of the forests. Our husky dogs love nothing better than pulling a dogsled in the wilderness – maybe with the exception of the well deserved cuddles they reserve after each excursion. Do you wish to experience dog sledding with huskies together with a chance to be escorted by the Aurora Borealis or maybe prefer to try your skills as a husky musher during the short glimpse of daylight of the Lappish Polar Night – the choice is yours.

All our tours and safaris are for everyone, no matter where you stay. Welcome!

Pick out the best husky safari for you from here:

Husky safaris

Reindeer Safaris

If you wish to try out a more peaceful sled ride, on the other side of the forest only 200 meters from Apukka Resort you’ll find the right fellows for you – our beautiful reindeer. Take a seat in the reindeer sled and let this strong, astonishing animal lead you through the snow with a slow pace that allows you to observe the arctic nature around you. Can you imagine that this was how people used to get around back in the old days? If lucky, you might even get to witness a show from the Northern Lights whilst on a reindeer safari! That, our friend, is an authentic Lappish experience.

All our tours and safaris are for everyone, no matter where you stay. Welcome!

Have a look at the different reindeer safari options Apukka Resort has to offer from here:

Reindeer safaris


The snowmobile and snowtrain excursions in Apukka Resort offer an easy way to explore the arctic nature of Rovaniemi. If it’s the thrill of driving you’re seeking, jump on a snowmobile and follow the guide into the wild. If you prefer relaxing and enjoying the sceneries from a heated sled, our unique Snowtrain is the activity for you.

Snowmobile Safaris

Imagine travelling through Lapland and its magical wintry sceneries on the cozy seat of a snowmobile. The snowmobiles make it possible for us to cover longer distances during the safari and therefore experience more of the wilderness all around us. Our snowmobile safaris are tailored so that there is something for everyone. Is it a full-day snowmobile safari you are searching for? Or maybe a shorter adventure gives you just a taste of snowmobiling together with your children? Or perhaps your goal is to hunt the Northern Lights with a snowmobile?

In Apukka Resort we have something for everyone, choose the snowmobile safari best suited for you from here:

Snowmobile safaris


Snowtrain Adventures

Our heated Snowtrain is a great option for exploring the wintry landscapes. This unique Snowtrain allows you to sit back and relax as you make your way through the forests in the search of the Northern Lights. Set up your camera ready for the Auroras by the blazing bonfire at your destination and wait for the show on the sky to begin. Or maybe you’d prefer combining the Snowtrain ride with a visit to reindeer and huskies?

Have a look what kind of adventures our Snowtrain can lead you to from here:

Snowtrain adventures



Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland, is one of the best places in the world to experience the magical Northern Lights. The Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, originate from the sun and are often seen during the dark nights of Lappish winter. In the mythology of Finland there are many stories about how the Northern Lights are born. Learn about the science and myths behind the Northern Lights on one of our Aurora excursions – if lucky, maybe you’ll get to witness this amazing natural phenomenon whilst joining our excursions. Do you wish to chase for the Northern Lights by a car, snowmobile, Snowtrain, or maybe mush a husky team towards the Auroras or have reindeer harnessed in front of you for the Northern Lights hunt – the choice is yours.

Have a look at the Northern Light excursions Apukka Resort has to offer from here:


Step into the shoes of a Finn on some of the most traditional activities Lapland has to offer. In Lapland, where we have more reindeer than people we still value our personal space beyond reasonable measures. Maybe you’ll notice this on your ice fishing excursion as you might see two Finns fishing on the same lake – with a 200 meter distance to each other. Our Sauna world awaits for you, ready to introduce the very essence of the Finnish mindset. In the sauna you’ll learn to understand the Finnish word ”sisu”, the stoic determination and hardiness that the Finns take great pride of possessing. Try out all the traditional methods of transportation from snowshoes to skis and from husky sledding to reindeer rides and learn how a blazing bonfire always makes the day even better.

All our tours and safaris are for everyone, no matter where you stay. Welcome!

The journey inside a Finnish mindset begins from here:

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