Unforgettable Winter Activities

The Most Authentic Excursions of Lapland await in Apukka Resort!

Our winter activities

(December – April)

In Apukka, each day is met as a new chance for an adventure. The snow covered wilderness around us is our playground, the Northern Lights the tellers of the ancient stories and each adventure an extraordinary tale waiting to be written. Are you ready to take the first steps on the journey of a lifetime you’re about to embark?


Our Northern Lights Tours ( December – April ) Aurora Borealis – magic on the night skies For many, this may be the reason why you’ve come to Finland, in the first place: to witness the beauty and magic of the Northern Lights. Whisps of vibrant colours dance across the Arctic skies, inspiring awe and …


Our Husky Tours ( December – April ) Are you ready to mush a team of huskies through the Arctic sceneries? Imagine yourself on a dogsled, travelling through the white plains of Lapland. The eager huskies in front of you enjoy running across the snowy terrains, you mushing the team, or enjoying the sceneries from …


Our Snowmobile Safaris ( December – April ) Experience the exhilaration of snowmobiling across the Arctic wilderness! What a better way to experience the remote backcountry of Finnish Lapland than by the means of a snow scooter – hop on and start your journey across the white forests and frozen lakes. The snowmobiles, also known …

Reindeer Tours

Reindeer sleigh rides in Apukka Resort ( December – April ) Dashing through the snow in a reindeer sleigh – a dream or reality? The reindeer tours in Apukka Resort Rovaniemi are family-friendly and easy to access. The tours are not too adventurous but still a wonderful experience to enjoy the traditional Lappish way of …


Ice fishing is one of the most local things to do in Lapland! Both ice fishing and snowshoeing tours take you to the Arctic nature to experience why Finnish people appreciate space and nature around them. Snowshoeing is the most ecological and silent way to explore nature – and good exercise too!

Sauna Experiences

Sauna Experiences in Apukka Resort ( December – April ) Would you dare to try sauna and ice swimming? Apukka Resort has a special own world of saunas; a wood-heated sauna, electric sauna, sauna by the lake with ice swimming facilities, you name it. Still, the most extraordinary sauna of Apukka is our own design; …

Cultural Tours

Cultural Tours in Apukka Resort ( December – April ) Dive into the history of Rovaniemi – the Capital of Lapland, and learn more about Arctic animals! Lapland is much more than winter fairytale land. We are happy to lead our guests deeper into local culture on our cultural tours. Northern nature, culture, and history …

Overnight Adventures

Overnight Adventures in Apukka Resort ( December – April ) Transport yourself into a world of magic and mysticism in these fairytale-like accommodations! In the Ice Cabin you will have an unforgettable overnight adventure below zero temperature. Aurora Wagon takes you to the wilderness lake to enjoy nature’s own light show – the Northern Lights! …

Horse Tours

Horse tours in Apukka Resort ( December – April ) Choose adventurous horseback riding or a lovely horse sleigh ride! Dashing through the snow in a horse sleigh is a unique experience. Apukka Resort horses take you to the relaxing sleigh ride or more adventurous horseback riding in deep snow. Note! We have riding tours …




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