Husky Tours in Apukka Resort, Rovaniemi

Thrilling Dogsledding Excursions in Lapland

Our Husky Tours

( December – April )

Are you ready to mush a team of huskies through the Arctic sceneries?

Imagine yourself on a dogsled, travelling through the white plains of Lapland. The eager huskies in front of you enjoy running across the snowy terrains, you mushing the team, or enjoying the sceneries from the passenger’s seat.

The snow-topped hills, the towering pine trees beyond the eye can see. The thrill of an unforgettable adventure. The picturesque, untouched nature spreads all around you. A wet kiss from a friendly husky. Sounds almost unreal, doesn’t it? You can make it your reality.

Embark on an adventure, unlike anything you’ve experienced before by letting our amazing huskies lead the way into the wild! Do you wish to experience dog sledding with huskies together with a chance to be escorted by the Aurora Borealis or maybe prefer to try your skills as a husky musher during the short glimpse of daylight of the Lappish Polar Night – the choice is yours.

All our husky tours start from Apukka Resort, Tutkijantie 28, 96900 Rovaniemi.

About Apukka Resort Rovaniemi

Apukka Resort is a unique venue in Finnish Lapland, located on the edge of Rovaniemi city and the vast wilderness. As our service scale ranges beyond a regular hotel, we offer A VARIETY OF DIFFERENT ACCOMMODATION TYPES, thrilling OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES, and delicious food served in our authentic RESTAURANT AITTA. Our doors are open to everyone, no matter if you’re staying overnight with us or in ROVANIEMI city centre or SANTA CLAUS VILLAGE. Come and stay with us, enjoy a meal in our beautiful restaurant Aitta or spend an adventurous day on one of our safaris – in any case, we welcome you as a dear friend.
And nature fulfills the rest. 




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