Aurora Borealis Northern Lights on the sky in Apukka resort Rovaniemi Lapland Finland

Northern Lights Tours in Rovaniemi

Apukka Resort offers the Best Aurora Excursions of Finnish Lapland

Our Northern Lights Tours

( December – April )

Aurora Borealis – magic on the night skies

For many, Aurora Borealis may be the reason why you’ve come to Finland in the first place: to witness the beauty and magic of the Northern Lights. The vibrant colors dancing across the Arctic sky will be an experience you’ll never forget. Apukka Resort is one of the finest locations in Rovaniemi to view this magnificent phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis.

Our Northern Light tours are designed to maximize your possibility of witnessing one of the most breathtaking phenomena nature offers. Our professional guides, the long and dark nights of Lapland, the absence of light pollution, and vast, open landscapes provide you with all the opportunities for a successful hunt – all you need is just a hint of luck.

We offer a variety of adventures that allow you the opportunity to hunt for the Auroras however you wish. Options include snowmobiles, Snowtrains, huskies, reindeer sleigh rides, horse sleigh rides, and minibusses.

Kindly note that the Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon. Though participating in an Aurora hunt tours in Apukka Resort with a professional guide will increase your chances of witnessing the Auroras, we can never fully guarantee their appearance.

All our Northern Lights tours start from Apukka Resort, Tutkijantie 28, 96900 Rovaniemi.

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