over night adventures at apukka resort Rovaniemi lapland finland

Overnight Adventures

Unique Aurora Wagon and Ice Hotel Experience in Apukka Resort Rovaniemi

Overnight Adventures in Apukka Resort

( December – April )

Transport yourself into a world of magic and mysticism in these fairytale-like accommodations! Aurora Wagon takes you to the wilderness lake to enjoy nature’s own light show – the Northern Lights!

Adventurous night in Aurora Wagon

Unique Northern Lights Accommodations in Rovaniemi, Lapland!

Spend a night above the Arctic Circle on a frozen wilderness lake in our Aurora Wagon.

An experience that you are sure to remember for the rest of your life, Apukka Resort’s Aurora Wagon is the pinnacle of a truly immersive winter wonderland experience. Equipped with skis and transported by snowmobile, the Aurora Wagon offers you’re a once-in-a-lifetime, thrilling experience that will leave you speechless. This is not an extreme survival situation, though, as your Wagon provides a comfortable bed with warm, thermal sleeping bags and the convenience of your own camper toilet.

That doesn’t mean this accommodation isn’t for the thrill-seeker, either, as you will be in an environment many wish they could experience. Still, only a few can ever say they have. Complimentary Finnish delicacies come standard with your night to help fend off any late-night cravings, and complimentary hot drinks to keep you toasty and cozy.

Far away from the bright lights, the Aurora Wagon gives you the ultimate possibility to view the Northern Lights in all their beauty and grandeur. The larger window in the ceiling of your Aurora Wagon will allow you to view the starry night sky like never before.

Are you a photography enthusiast seeking to capture your own unforgettable image from your holiday? Then, the Aurora Wagon is a great option, as it places you in the best setting available.

Your Aurora Wagon booking includes a bonfire prepped outside the Wagon for stargazing, with comfortable reindeer hides as seats. Breakfast in Restaurant Aitta is included.

Aurora Wagon excursion includes:

Note: You can book the Aurora Wagon experience as an extra when another accommodation is booked in Apukka Resort.

You have a chance to keep the luggage in the room and a possibility to take a shower and rest before and after the Aurora Wagon excursion.

The Aurora Wagon is a special accommodation unit. It is not located next to the Resort or other accommodations at Apukka. Transfer to your Aurora Wagon is at 20:00, and transfer back is next morning at 09:00. There’s no extra transfer between the Wagon and Apukka Resort during the night. You have given a phone and contact number to call in an emergency case.

There is a camper toilet but no shower or running water in the Wagon. All water is brought there separately in the water containers for drinking, hand washing, and teeth brushing.

Late-night snacks in the Wagon and a buffet breakfast in Restaurant Aitta the following morning are included.

With whom will you join these overnight adventures of a lifetime?

About us

Apukka Resort is a unique winter wonderland in Finnish Lapland, located on the edge of Rovaniemi city and the vast wilderness. As our service scale ranges beyond a regular hotel, we offer various accommodation types, thrilling outdoor activities, and delicious food served in our authentic Restaurant Aitta. Our doors are open to everyone, whether you’re staying overnight with us, or in Santa Claus Village or Rovaniemi city center.

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