Meet Santa Claus in Rovaniemi

At Apukka Resort, Lapland

As a magical being, Santa Claus can be found in many places in Rovaniemi, but the most enchanting encounters with Father Christmas can be booked via Apukka Resort. Explore our Santa tours and find the one that suits you best.

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Is Santa Claus the Highlight of your stay in Rovaniemi?

Ask any child—and most adults, too—about their top Lapland wish, and the answer is unanimous: meeting Santa Claus! Ever since it became widely known that Santa resides in the Arctic Circle (apologies to the North Pole!), countless visitors from around the globe have flocked to Rovaniemi for a chance to meet the jolly old man. Given that Santa is our neighbor, it’s no wonder that Apukka Resort offers the most exclusive Santa tours known to any elf or human.

For example, did you know that nestled within the private lands of Apukka lies Santa’s secret hut? A place known only to the elves of Apukka? You can also embark on a snowmobile safari, which takes you through a snowy forest all the way to the enchanting Santa Claus Village. Whichever tour you opt for, rest assured you’ll encounter Christmas magic like never before!

All our activities launch from Apukka Resort, situated at Tutkijantie 28, 96900 Rovaniemi, and unfold within exclusive private lands.

Why Choose Santa Claus Tour at Apukka Resort?

Magical Surroundings

Snow-covered trees, beautiful bonfires, Christmas decorations… Apukka is truly a festive wonderland.

Great Fun for All Ages

We craft our tours in a way that they are enjoyable regardless of the participants’ age.

Multiple Activities

Apukka’s Santa tours are filled with a variety of activities, ensuring you get true value for your money.