Fatbiking & Snowshoeing

At Apukka Resort, Rovaniemi, Lapland

If you are looking for a more active way to enjoy Lappish nature, a guided eFatbiking or snowshoeing tour is the best choice for you.

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Choose a more active way to enjoy Lappish nature by eFatbike or snowshoes

Almost everyone has ridden a bicycle, but only a few have done it in snowy winter forests. Our guides lead the small group of happy fatbikers to ride through the nearby forests and swamps. Our brand new electric fatbikes are great as you can choose the level of exercise by adjusting the boost.

Snowshoeing is slow-paced activity but still good exercise. Our guide leads the small group to nearby lakes and forests. Snowshoes are meant for walking on deep snow without ready-made routes or paths. That makes it an amazing way to explore nature.

All our activities launch from Apukka Resort, situated at Tutkijantie 28, 96900 Rovaniemi, and unfold within exclusive private lands.