Apukka Ice Sauna

Ice sauna sounds like an impossible idea, but in practice it is a comfortable and certainly unique way to experience the sauna

You will definitely want to take a picture, because otherwise your friends at home are not going to believe it! Thick, glossy ice walls cover you by steam when you throw water on a hot stove. First our sauna host gives some practical information about the traditional sauna bathing and our special ice sauna. Ice sauna can be used only for 10 minutes at a time without melting, but we guarantee that’s well enough to get the unique experience! If you’re brave enough, dip yourself in the deep snow in between the sauna sessions. Changing cold and hot promotes health – and makes you feel really alive. True northern wellness!


Available between 15.12.2018 – 31.3.2019


Max. 1 h (10 min Ice sauna + traditional sauna & shower)


On request



  Group size

1–4 persons



Ice sauna and traditional sauna, towels, seat cover, bathrobe, beverage



170 € / 1–2 persons
200 € / 3–4 persons

  Notice: Content of the program can be changed or cancelled due to weather conditions.

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