Would you like to join our Aurora Husky Tour and see Northern Lights with huskies? Well, now that’s possible with our local, professional guides and thanks to our ethically managed husky ranch. Aurora Borealis are really well visible in Rovaniemi city town only few times per year. Depending the weather forecast and prediction, chances to see Northern Lights can be very low.

By taking part in our excursion you will ensure that you have the best chance of seeing the Northern Lights during your trip and experiencing this unique phenomenon that makes us locals excited and marvel at the wonders of nature. We are locating 10 minutes north from Santa Claus Village. Pick-up and drop-off offered on our Aurora tour.

Huskies & Northern Lights – could there be a better combination? We mush through the wilderness to our destination, where we make a fire at a traditional Lappish hut to grill some sausages and sip on warm juice. The chances to see Northern Lights get better and better as the midnight approaches, and with a bit of luck you get to share the special moment with your new furry friends!


What is the best time to see Auroras in Lapland, Finland?

Northern Lights appear late in the night. That’s we will start our Aurora Hunting safaris quite late night. Kp Index is telling only something about possibilities to see Auroras but not the all. During low KP index there can be strong Auroras. Auroras are very local and there can be Auroras flaming somewhere and 10 kilometers far there is no Auroras.

When to travel to Finland to see Aurora Borealis?

Auroras are visible in Autumn from the middle-August, in September and November. From middle-October there will usually be snow in the land. Before snow coming Auroras are more visible and greater than in snowy winter due to the star and moon light reflecting snow. Aurora visibility is very good also in December, January, February and March still to middle-April, when the nights will

What the Aurora Husky Tour includes?

  • Winter clothing
  • Car transfers
  • Hot drink
  • Guiding
  • Husky petting
  • 7-10 km husky ride
  • Sausage

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