Spend a night exactly on the Arctic Circle, on a snowy hilltop or on a frozen lake, in Aurora Wagon!

The Aurora Wagon is absolutely the most spectacular and atmospheric way to experience being in the middle of the Arctic wilderness – exclusively available at Apukka! The wagon presents a great chance to enjoy the Northern Lights! Imagine looking at the starry sky through the panorama window, waiting for the show on the sky to start from the comfort of the wagon while enjoying a hot drink – or even a glass of sparkling?

Kindly note: Aurora Wagon is a special accommodation unit, and not located right next to the Resort or other accommodation of Apukka. There is a toilet, but no shower in the wagon. A morning sauna at the Resort is included. The check-in time is at 20.00, the check-out and transfer back to the Resort from the Wagon is at 08.00. A delicacy basket for the Wagon and a buffet breakfast in the restaurant the next morning is included.

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