Best Winter Activities for Families in Rovaniemi

There are so many exciting winter activities in Rovaniemi but how can you experience everything with your family? We gathered all the best winter activities for families and tips on how to experience them on your family vacation in Lapland and create amazing, unforgettable memories as a family. 

Snowmobiling with Children

The best way to experience snowmobiling as a family is for the parents to drive a snowmobile through the snowy trails as your kids travel on a sled enjoying the amazing Lappish views; maybe at the end of the tour, your children want to try driving themselves, that’s what the mini snowmobiles are for! This is possible on Apukka Resort’s brand new Family Snowmobiling tour, available as soon as enough snow falls in the Rovaniemi area. Hopefully, this will happen in late November.

To make it even better for the whole family, you can choose to drive to Santa Claus Village to see the elves, and Santa Claus, of course!  

Take your Kids to meet Santa Claus  

As we all know, the real Santa Claus lives in Lapland. To create memories in Rovaniemi that your children will cherish for the rest of their lives, you surely must add meeting Santa to your itinerary! To make the experience even more special, you can meet Santa in his secret cabin in the woods. Take a reindeer sleigh ride through the magical forest, meet elves and have Santa give your kids small presents. We can assure you that meeting Santa will make your children’s day and yours, too, as the experience will bring you back to your childhood.  

Meeting Santa is a must-do activity for families in Rovaniemi

Sleigh Rides for Families

If you or your kids get excited about animals, do not worry! There are plenty of family-friendly sleigh ride options for your vacation in Rovaniemi. Take a ride to the history as you travel as a family in the pure nature of Lapland, either with Finn horses or reindeer. This traditional Arctic way of transportation will take you to beautiful places and fun activities, such as ice fishing!  

Reindeer sleigh ride is an amazing winter activity for families in Rovaniemi

Ice Fishing – Wintery Fun for the Whole Family 

Ice Fishing – A truly Finnish way of spending a wintery day is to head out to the lake, enjoy the sun, and try catching a fish as kids play in the snow. The first thing is to find the best spot on the frozen lake. Then it’s time to drill the hole into the thick ice cover with a special ice drill and prepare the fishing equipment. After all these preparations, you can try your luck at catching the fish. The catch is not the main point, though. The most important thing is to have a great time outdoors together with your family. 

Aurora Hunting with Kids in Rovaniemi

Last but certainly not least, the Northern Lights are one of the most unique experiences you’ll ever have in your life. As you might be aware, nights in Lapland can be pretty cold, and the wait for the Northern Lights can end up being long. For this reason, we advise choosing your Aurora Hunt wisely. The Snowtrain is the most family-friendly way for families to experience the thrill of Aurora Hunt in Rovaniemi. You’ll travel through a winter wonderland on a heated Snowtrain to a teepee where you’ll hear mystical bedtime stories about the Northern Lights and drink some hot chocolate by the open fire. A night to remember for you and your kids! And if you get lucky, the starry sky will light up with dancing Auroras.  

Aurora Hunting in a Snowtrain is one best winter activities for families in Rovaniemi

Choose a Family-friendly Accommodation 

There are plenty of accommodations to choose from. You should have enough space to enjoy and relax on your vacation. The best accommodation for families is the one where your children can start having fun by just stepping outside your door. Even better if there are activities, like sledding or petting animals, right there in the resort. Here in Apukka Resort, you can enjoy the Northern Lights from your bed in our Aurora accommodations, let your kids out to play in the snow and even find your own child-like state of mind in the activities.

All-in-one Winter Family Experience

How about tasting all the best winter activities for families at once? In Apukka Snow and Fun, you do not have to compromise! You get to take your kids on short sleigh rides with huskies and reindeer, try your skills on snowshoes and cross-country skis and create unforgettable art on ice sculpting! In addition, slide with toboggans and race who can make the longest slide and let your children try snowmobiling on the mini snowmobiles. A day full of excitement that your children will remember for a long time.

Sledding is one of the best winter activities for families.

Make Planning your Family Vacation to Lapland Easy 

Life can be hectic sometimes, especially with children. We have made planning your family vacation as easy as possible without compromising on anything! Our Active Family Week combines five nights in Apukka Resort, in an Aurora Accommodation of your choice, with all the family-friendly activities you could wish for!  

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