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8+ Reasons to Spend your Easter Holiday in Lapland

When considering potential Easter holiday destinations, Lapland emerges as an excellent choice. Why, you ask? In this article, delve into eight compelling reasons why Rovaniemi should top your list for this year’s Easter getaway.

Spend Your Easter Holiday in Lapland Like A Local

It’s common knowledge that when traveling, you should follow the locals—they know the best restaurants and the most enjoyable activities. The same holds true for Lapland, as many Finns head north around the Easter holidays. They know that it’s the place to be during the extended break!

easter holiday lapland finland rovaniemi apukka resort

2. Sun

After the long and dark polar night, daylight is gradually returning, making this season the brightest of the year. Sunlight gleams off the snow, creating a luminous landscape. By the Easter holidays, enjoy over 12 hours of daily sunlight, marking the joyful arrival of longer days.

2. Snow

All the snow that fell during the winter has formed a shiny, thick cover on the ground that can support your weight. Locals refer to this as ‘hankikanto,’ which translates to ‘snow that carries.’ The snowy tracks for activities persist easily until mid-April, after which the snow gradually begins to melt, heralding the arrival of spring.

easter holiday husky lapland finland rovaniemi apukka resort

4. Weather Forecast for your Easter Holiday

As the sun draws nearer to Rovaniemi, temperatures begin to rise. Days are often sunny, and the night sky is filled with stars and the Northern Lights around Easter. Daytime temperatures range between a comfortable -5 and +5 Celsius degrees, while nights remain below zero, preserving the snow on the ground.

5. Easter Holidays Have the Optimal Conditions for Winter Activities

The thick blanket of snow, coupled with sunny and mild weather, creates optimal conditions for winter activities! With extended daylight hours, you’ll have more time to participate in tours, and the milder temperatures will allow you to enjoy the outdoors longer.

6. Drinks on a Terrace

Take a moment to unwind on a sunny terrace and enjoy a drink! Don’t give us that funny look; this is exactly what many locals do. They set up their garden furniture amidst the snow banks and bask in the sunshine they’ve missed for months during the polar night. They consider this one of the best things to spend time on Easter holiday in Lapland.

7. Easter Holiday Under the Northern Lights

Remember to reserve some energy for the late nights, as auroral activity tends to be significantly higher around Easter! Historical records indicate that substantial Northern Light storms are likely to occur even in April. Notably, some of the most mesmerizing auroras witnessed above Apukka Resort in Rovaniemi have occurred during this time!

8. More Options, More Fun

While Lapland remains a beloved Easter destination for the Finns, the overall tourist numbers decrease as attention turns toward the summer. This provides a golden opportunity for those seeking a late winter holiday on their terms, with greater availability of tours and accommodation options. Find a holiday package for your Easter Holiday in Lapland below.


If the compelling reasons listed so far haven’t convinced you to book that plane ticket to Lapland for your Easter holiday, here’s one that’s sure to sway your decision: Late winter is the most budget-friendly time to experience Apukka Resort in Rovaniemi. It’s time to start packing the bags!