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When to Visit Lapland

The changing seasons are among the best things about Rovaniemi, Lapland, and Apukka Resort. But how do you know when to visit Lapland when it is a magical destination all year round? Each season brings unique experiences, and depending on your preferences, some seasons can suit you better than others. Let’s look at the five seasons in Apukka Resort, Rovaniemi, Lapland, and what makes each so special.

Visit Lapland in Autumn – 6.9.-10.11.2024


Autumn days in Rovaniemi are filled with warming sun and trees with colorful leaves. The colors of orange, yellow, and red create stunning landscapes calling you to enjoy your days outdoors hiking, biking, and meeting the Arctic animals. Autumn is also the beginning of the new Northern Lights season. As the nights grow longer, the Aurora Borealis in Rovaniemi become visible, and in September they dance frequently in the sky.

The further autumn goes, you’ll see fewer leaves on trees, more frosty mornings, and maybe even a gentle snowfall that will melt once it hits the ground. And as the lakes start to freeze, you’ll find yourself around warming bonfires or wrapping under the blanket in your glass-roofed igloo, breathing in the calm and cozy darkness.

Early Winter – 11.-28.11.2024


Early winter in Rovaniemi is a time of anticipation, as the colorful autumn has already passed, but the proper winter is yet to begin. As the snow slowly begins to cover the ground, Rovaniemi transforms into a winter wonderland. Early winter in Rovaniemi is like taking a head start to winter and Christmas! With fewer crowds, you’ll find yourself on a stress-free vacation with all the magic of Christmas time.

November is the beginning of winter, so the amount of snow is uncertain in Rovaniemi and Lapland. For this reason, Apukka Resort & Apukka Adventures is prepared to operate early winter experiences on stored and cannoned snow starting from 11th November 2023!

In 2023, the cold weather provided ideal conditions for snowmaking. As a result, our early winter routes prepared ahead of schedule, and we kicked off some of our early winter activities already on Friday 27th of October 2023!

Christmas – 29.11.2024-3.1.2025


Christmas is the most popular season to visit Rovaniemi and for a good reason. Rovaniemi is the official home of Santa Claus, and the Christmas spirit is everywhere. The city is decorated with festive lights; snow is falling frequently, all adding to the season’s magic.

To get away from all the fuss and hassle of Christmas in Rovaniemi, head out to Apukka Resort. In the peace and quiet of Apukka Resort, you can spot an elf or two tiptoeing around, Santa’s reindeer gathering energy in our yard, or even meet the jolly old man himself in his hidden hut next to our Resort!

Deep Winter – 4.1.-29.2.2025


Deep winter in Rovaniemi is the coldest season but also the most spectacular one. Temperatures can drop even below -30°C, and daylight hours shift from the polar night’s about 3 to 10 hours a day. After the snowy start of winter, trees are covered with a thick layer of snow, and the scenery is painted with pastel-like colors as the sun is shining from such a low angle.

Deep winter is the time to visit Lapland if you want to experience something incredibly unique, the truest winter. Brace yourself, get wrapped in our thermal clothing, and head outside on an adventure of a lifetime.

Visit Lapland in Late Winter – 1.3.-5.4.2025


Late winter in Rovaniemi is a time of contrast. Days get warmer and sunnier, but the nights are still cold and dark. The sun begins to rise higher in the sky, creating super sunny winter days. The Northern Lights are often visible, and the clear skies provide perfect viewing conditions.

You should visit Lapland during the late winter if you are looking for spectacular Northern Lights, sunny winter days, and adventurous winter activities!



  • Midnight sun
  • Vibrant nature
  • Outdoor adventures

Summer in Rovaniemi is a brief yet enchanting affair, spanning from late May to early August. During this time, the nights are illuminated, and a particularly magical window occurs from June 6th to July 7th when the Midnight Sun graces the region. This season breathes life into the Arctic landscape, offering a unique opportunity to witness the vibrant and lively nature of Lapland.

Lapland is a fisher’s paradise, featuring a wealth of lakes and rivers ready to be explored. Beyond fishing, the Arctic offers a plethora of thrilling activities, including kayaking, eFatbiking, and trekking.

Visit Lapland and Have the Perfect Holiday at Apukka Resort

Needless to say, Lapland is truly a magical destination no matter what time of the year you visit! Whether you’re captivated by the autumn foliage, enchanted by the Christmas spirit, or awestruck by the winter wonders, each season has its own charm.

Now that you know what each season has to offer, it’s time to find a perfect holiday package for when you visit Lapland. By answering just a couple simple questions, our holiday finder will offer you the best package for you!