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Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland

Our blog introduces life in the Arctic to you one topic at a time. From our daily lives here in the North to the old beliefs built around the Northern Lights and the history of Lapland, our blog familiarizes Finland and the Finns to you on a new level.

Please have a look at our blog, hope you find it interesting!

The Time of the Taverns

It’s been a while since we’ve posted a new story to this blog and a lot has happened on the premises of Apukka meanwhile. As you may remember from our previous blog posts, back in the old days there used to be a tavern on the very location Apukka Resort stands today. Well, as we treasure our …

The First Pages of Apukka Resorts Story

We all have a story to tell. A story that begins from the dawn of our time and is altered by all the small encounters and details met along the path. A story full of enchanting memories, unique moments and brave individuals. As any story when told, this story will open our soul and heart …

The Finns – the exceptional nation of the far up North

If you have been planning a trip to Finland, you must have come across some of the characteristics of the Finnish culture. Maybe you’ve heard that we have more saunas in this country than there are cars? Or that the number of reindeer in Lapland is higher than the amount of people inhabiting the northern …

The Brief History of Apukka

Hundreds of years ago the traditional Finns, the Sami-people, inhabited the coasts of lake Olkkajärvi. They called the place Apukka. In Apukka, the arctic nature provided the Sami-people with a great environment for reindeer farming, hunting, fishing and berry picking. Apukka’s Tavern was mentioned for the first time about 150 years ago, in 1865. Apukka …




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