Restaurant Aitta

Authentic Lappish Cuisine near Rovaniemi

Honoring the legacy of the old tavern

Where delicious aromas, echoing laughter, and pure joy filled the air.

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Restaurant Aitta is closed until 31st August 2022.
Thank you to all our guests for this winter season 2021-2022!

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Surrounded by the history and tales of the 100-year-old timber log walls, Restaurant Aitta transports you to a rustic time of mystical stories and the legends of Lapland. Tastefully decorated, and featuring a large fireplace and a spectacular view of the surrounding landscape and Lake Olkka, Restaurant Aitta specializes in experiences – both on your plate and within its four walls. Enjoy a meal and allow your senses to surrender to the delicious aromas of the Lapland.

In the olden days, Apukka’s shores were bustling with fisherman, providing a bounty of deliciousness that we have incorporated into our present-day menus. The surrounding forests, full of berries and mushrooms, injected elements of colour and texture that made each and every meal not only nourishing to the body but comforting for the soul. The old tavern that once stood here was hosted travelers from all around the country and world; always providing a place of comfort where the food was always hardy and plentiful and the glasses were never empty.

At Apukka Resort, we honor the past and cherish the traditions of old Apukka. Serving delicious, Nordic cuisine, Restaurant Aitta has blended classic flavors and ingredients with a contemporary flair; using as many locally-sourced ingredients, as possible.

Today, we continue to welcome travelers from around the world to rest, eat and soak in the comfort and wonderment of our beautiful location.

Welcome, dear friends. Your table awaits.

Delicious Steak in Restaurant Aitta

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