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We are a resort specialized in northern lights, ice log building and unique arctic experiences. We offer affordable accommodation in rooms and apartments in the middle of nature, close to the city of Rovaniemi. It’s an ideal place to see the aurora borealis because the city lights do not disturb your experience.


General information

  • Reception opening hours:
    • Winter season 7.00 – 22.30, summer season 9.00-19.00
    • Phone: +358 (0)449793564
  • Night duty service
    • Every day 22.30 – 7.00
    • Phone: +358(0) 442 411 594
  • Wi-fi is available in accommodations and resort area.
  • Mobile phones work well
  • Emergency number: 112
    • Response time for ambulance/fire brigade/police approximately 15min
    • First-aid trained personnel.

We offer private and independent resort style accommodation. Room service is available if asked as an extra service. All the accommodations are within easy walking distance from parking zones and reception. Please ask our staff if you need help with luggages, we are always happy to help you.


How to get here:

Our address is: Tutkijantie 28, 96900 Saarenkylä


Apukka Resort is located just 15 minutes (18 km) from Rovaniemi city center and 10 minutes (10 km) from Rovaniemi airport or Santa Claus Village.

To Rovaniemi you can come by:
We offer following transport services at an additional cost:
  • From Rovaniemi railway station/Rovaniemi city center to Apukka Resort.
  • From Rovaniemi airport and Santa Claus Village to Apukka Resort.

Both routes are available to opposite direction as well. Please book in advance so we can provide the best possible service and make sure our driver is available.

  • Car rental: As the public transport is rare in our area, rental car is a good choice to make sure you can travel freely. We offer cars with our cooperation partner. You can rent a car and choose the most suitable pick-up spot via:

All the cars are equipped with winter wheels. In Finland we have winter wheels all winter season and summer wheels all summer season. So you do not need to do anything.


About the Northern Lights:

Apukka Resort is located in Lapland, north of the Arctic Circle. There are excellent circumstances to see the Northern Lights with your own eyes in Apukka. It is possible to see the Northern Lights from mid-August to the end of April in a dark time. There is not too much light pollution nearby Apukka Resort and the location of the place is ideal next to a big lake that offers a perfect place to observe the Northern Lights. You can even watch the sky on ice in winter time. We cannot promise that you will see the Northern lights as in the end it always depends on the current weather.

Apukka Resort uses the Northern Lights Alert service which alerts you when the northern lights are really visible! The service uses its own system to detect the northern lights and will alert you in realtime, when the magical lights appear in the sky. You can select Northern Lights Alert as an add-on service when you are booking accommodation. Get your login key from reception when you arrive at Apukka Resort. Find app in 


Our Activities

We offer wide range of activities for our guests and the people not staying in Apukka resort. The activities are carefully designed for Finnish weather circumstances like cold weather and snowing. We want that everyone can enjoy the activities and we make sure you will have suitable clothes and all essential information. It is still recommended to have the most suitable and warm clothes you own. See all our activities with information online. You can book online, by emailing us or from reception on your arrival. We recommend you to book in advance to make sure there will be room for you on the activities and you get all out of your adventure in Apukka Resort and Lapland.

If you have special requests, like private tours/activities please do not hesitate to ask. We are more than happy to help you.



Weather conditions

To see your holiday weather, please see the link of Finnish meteorology institute. Behind the link you can see the weather, daylight length and current snow depth as well. 



About the area

Most parts of the auroral zone on Earth is uninhabited area. Lapland is one of the few regions which is inhabited on auroral zone. The area is quiet, calm and safe. Even though we have some wild animals, they are used to staying away from people.



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