High hopes for the heights

As the day turns into evening in wintry Apukka, the starry, clear sky gives us hints of something to look forward to for the night. The anticipation starts to grow and throughout the evening people walk on the premises with their eyes pointed upwards. We are all waiting anxiously, maybe this’ll be one of those amazing nights we’ll always remember. Suddenly one of the guides catches a glimpse of green stripe on the sky and in a heartbeat everyone is outside. The sky has given its first promise of the Northern Lights. Now, we wait.

As the Northern Light excursions are about to start, the front yard of Apukka Resort is full of people covered in warm winter clothing, ready to start the hunt of the Auroras. Some jump on our Snowtrain to find a distant location from the forest, far away from any light pollution. Some climb on snowmobiles to drive deep into the very best scenery spots of the forests. Some grab a cozy seat in a dogsled or try mushing a dogteam for the very first time. As all these excursions are about to start, the Northern Lights are also making the final preparations for their grand show behind the scenes.

As one of the guides is teaching our guests how to build a fire in the depths of the woods, he notices how the sky suddenly bursts in flames. Everyone rushes outside, cameras start to sing and the reindeer skins are brought outside from the lavvu. People lay down on the reindeer skins on the snow and simply enjoy the sight of colourful stripes of green, red and purple rapidly twirling their way across the skies. There are no words to describe the beauty of this moment, no way to fully explain this to someone who hasn’t had a chance to experience it yet.

Magical Auroras over the lake at Apukka, Rovaniemi

As the midnight approaches, the excursions return to Apukka with some tired, but happy faces. On this very night we had the priviledge of witnessing a show so enchanting that it’ll stay in our memories for a very long time. As the guests are ready to catch some sleep, the Northern Lights are preparing for a nap as well – maybe tomorrow it’ll be a show time again?

Here in Apukka Resort we are often met with the question if we get tired of the Northern Lights within the years passing. The answer is no. How could you get tired with something as beautiful as the Auroras? Though living above the Arctic Circle, we never take the possibility of witnessing this magical phenomenon for granted and therefore make sure to enjoy every moment of their spectacular appearance on the sky.

Keep following this blog to learn more about the science and myths behind the Northern Lights, we’ll be taking you to a journey to the depths of this unique phenomena as the weeks pass by!




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