Fly fishing at Koutusjärvi wilderness lake at Lapland Finland

Ultimate TOP 4 of Arctic Fishing

6 nights of salmon, trout, and pike fishing vacation in Finnish Lapland and Northern Norway

Take your fishing excursion to the Arctic! In addition to Finnish Lapland’s rivers and lakes, you’ll get to experience fishing in Northern Norway and the Arctic Ocean.

Experience the best fishing of the Arctic in four different locations in Finnish Lapland and Northern Norway. The TOP 4 catches are Atlantic Ocean Salmon, Bothnian Bay Salmon, Brown Trout, and Pike.

Lapland and Northern Norway, as fishing destination, offers various options for all fishing enthusiasts. Whether you are a fly fisher, angler, or all-arounder, the rivers and lakes of the Arctic are your gems. You can try your luck with big salmons at Tornionjoki and Neiden rivers, while brown trouts are waiting at private wilderness lake in Western Lapland (about 100 km from Rovaniemi) and massive pikes everywhere you lower your bait.

Why choose this fishing adventure in Finnish Lapland and Northern Norway?

Available on selected weeks from 17.6. to 16.8.2024.
Price: 4950 € / person

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DAY 1 – Arrival at Rovaniemi Lapland

Arrival at Apukka Resort in Rovaniemi Lapland. Our driver will welcome you at Rovaniemi Airport, and after a 10-minute drive, you will arrive at Apukka Resort in the middle of authentic Lappish nature.

Then, it’s time to check in and settle down in your spectacular accommodation. Your first night is just for resting and adjusting to the Arctic environment. In dinnertime, we will get together in Restaurant Kota to meet each other, talk about the plans for the following days and have a delicious local meal.

If you wish, you can start your fishing experience independently in the Resort on the shore of Olkkajärvi Lake.

DAY 2 Pike Fishing at Lake Apukkajärvi and River Raudanjoki

Spend your first full fishing day snaring local fish on the lake and river close to Apukka Resort! The Resort is surrounded by lakes Apukkajärvi and Olkkajärvi and river Apukkajoki from the North, East, and South. Nearby Raudanjoki and Vikajoki Rivers, with rapids and stream pools, offer excellent possibilities for trying
your luck with spinning rods and fly fishing.

Fishing techniques


During the fishing day around Apukka Resort, you will:

Day 3 Salmon Fishing at Tornionjoki

Experience the largest unharnessed salmon river in Europe! More than 500 kilometers long, Tornionjoki River is located on the border of Finland and Sweden and is an important spawning river for salmon of Bothnian Bay. Tornionjoki is famous for big salmon; the intermediate catch is about 7-10 kg, but salmons close to 20 kg are not rare.

Fishing techniques


During the day at Tornionjoki River, you can try the most traditional Finnish way of salmon fishing: rowing. Step on board the traditional riverboat as our expert guides will row you to the mid-stream
to find salmon. Lower your lure into the river and wait as your boat is rowed to the best locations to
maximize your chances of catching the salmon. Sense the river’s power when the boat slowly descends with the stream while your lure swims in the water, attracting the catch.

While you wait for your turn for the boat, you can try to spin fishing and fly fishing from the bank to try your luck with salmon, grayling, and pike. Migrating whitefish are resting in the stream pools, graylings are hunting insects and smaller fish, and pikes and perches are preying on the edges of the shallows.

During the day at Tornionjoki, you will:

After the fishing day, a delicious dinner is waiting at Apukka Resort

Day 4 Trout Fishing at Private Wilderness Lake

Experience fishing like you have never done before: on a private Lappish wilderness lake under the
24/7 sunlight, also called Midnight Sun!

Fishing techniques


This private wilderness lake is located in the middle of a nature conservation area and is only accessible via a handful of responsible fishing trip organizers. While our small group is there, the lake is for our private use. And what’s best, this lake is well-known for its hefty brown trout but also pike and whitefish.

This calm wilderness lake is genuinely a fishermen’s paradise where the calm lake surface is broken only by the silver fins of the brown trouts. Here you experience a serene summer night with no noise, only the call of the Arctic loon and other wildlife sounds.

Step on one of our fishing boats and head out to the lake to find the best catching spots. Lower your lure in the water and troll around the lake to attract the predatory fish’s attention.

You can also try your luck from the shoreline with a spinning rod or wade a bit further to the shallow for fly fishing.

When you feel like resting from the fishing and gathering energy for the next venture to the lake, you can go ashore to our camp for a barbeque dinner by the open fire and have a cup of coffee. You also have a chance to prepare your catch on the open fire.

During the day and night at the wilderness lake, you will:

Days 5-6 Salmon Fishing at Neiden, Northern Norway

Highlight your week with an overnight excursion to the Neiden, Norway, by the Arctic Sea! Here you can experience the true North in one of the Northernmost areas in Europe. In Neiden, the nighttime is even brighter than in Rovaniemi, as here, the Midnight Sun season lasts two and a half months.

While travelling 500 km to the North with our private bus, you will see the changing sceneries, from conifer forests to boglands and eventually fells in northernmost Finland and the mountains in Norway.

Fishing techniques


Neiden is the famous salmon river, and similar to Tornionjoki river, you can choose traditional salmon rowing by river boat or fly fishing from the river bank. The river runs through Northern Lapland to flow into the majestic Arctic Ocean.

We will stay a night at Neiden Fjellstue, a history dating back to 1876 when the first shuttle station for travelers was established. The accommodation is in basic fishing cabins (shared cabins for two) just by the Neiden River.

During this two days expedition to Neiden, you will:

When it’s time to say goodbye to Neiden, we head back towards Apukka Resort and Rovaniemi. On the way back, we will visit the fascinating Sámi Museum Siida in Inari village. The museum provides information on the Sámi culture. Sámis are the native inhabitants of this area, and the Sámi Homeland stretches through the Northern areas of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia.

After the hectic days and nights, it’s time to have a hearty dinner at Apukka Resort and rest well before the home journey.

Option: King Grab Safari

Price: 200 € / person

Join the ultimate Arctic summer boat excursion from Kirkenes to the Arctic Ocean! During the trip, you will participate in King crab fishing on a RIB boat. The day’s catch will be enjoyed in a rustic boathouse restaurant.

Day 7 – Bye Bye Lapland!

After a delicious breakfast, it is time to say bye-bye to Lapland and its incredible fishing waters. Our driver will take you to the airport and wish you a pleasant journey back home. Hope to see you again fishing with us at Lapland!

This holiday package is available:



  • According to your preference, the holiday package includes five nights of accommodation in a private Aurora Cabin King (single use) or a 2-bedroom Apukka Lakeview Suite (shared for two persons). The price per person is the same for both options.
  • Accommodation in Neiden Fjellstue for one night in shared simple cabins (water, showers, toilet in another building next to cabins)
  • Transfers from and to Rovaniemi Airport or Rovaniemi Railway Station
  • All in-destination transfers to and from fishing locations
  • Full board meals (excluding drinks): daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner & snacks on the go.
  • Fishing permits
  • Expert guides
  • Boat rental and salmon rower at Tornionjoki
  • Lifejacket
  • Rain outfit if needed
  • High-quality fishing equipment for spin fishing and fly fishing, jigging, and salmon rowing.

The package not include:

  • Personal insurance
  • Clothing (except rain outfits)
  • Transfers to Rovaniemi, Lapland (flights to Rovaniemi Airport or train to Rovaniemi Railway Station)

You can upgrade our ready-made packages with extra nights, extra persons, extra activities, and meals by contacting our sales team at SALES@APUKKARESORT.FI.




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