4 nights Autumn getaway to Lappish lifestyle and nature in
Apukka Resort – Rovaniemi Lapland

This four-night package is perfect if you are interested in diving deep into local life and nature!

During these days you will have an amazing time in the beautiful Arctic nature where you will learn how people used to survive in these harsh conditions. Spend a day in the famous Koruoma canyon that is waiting for you with its’ majestic views. Have an afternoon coffee in a Finnish home – hosted by artisans Irene and Ari who will learn your local handicraft skills and tells you entertaining stories of Lapland and its’ people.

And don’t forget the biggest wonder of Arctic nature – the Northern Lights! You can hunt them every night around the Resort or from your own Aurora accommodation.

DAY 1 – Arrival at Rovaniemi Lapland

Arrival at Apukka Resort in Rovaniemi Lapland. Our driver will welcome you at Rovaniemi Airport, and after 10 minutes drive, you will arrive at Apukka Resort in the middle of authentic Lappish nature. Then, it’s time to check in and settle down in your spectacular accommodation. Then it’s time to start your days exploring local life and nature in the Arctic. Your activities will be distributed nicely along with your stay, and you can also book more activities from our reception.

DAYS 2-4 Active days in Apukka Resort

A daily buffet breakfast at our atmospheric Lappish restaurant Aitta is included. 

Explore Lapland and hunt the Northern Lights. You can also catch the Northern lights straight from your bed in your Aurora accommodation. Your included activities will be distributed nicely along with your stay, and you can book more different tours at our reception if you wish.

Apukka Resort is truly in the middle of Lappish nature. During the autumn season (September-November), you have more time to explore Arctic forests and lakes preparing for winter. The pace of life slows down after the vivid summer season. Here one never runs out of things to do. From dining in our beautiful restaurant Aitta to feeling the thrill of different adventures, we guarantee that you won’t have a dull moment during your stay with us.

Tour 1: Nature Trip to Korouoma Canyon, 6hrs

Korouoma Canyon is a famous hiking area year around about a 90-minute drive from Apukka Resort. Korouoma is about 30 kilometers long northwest-southeast valley, part of a hundred of millions of years old bedrock fracture zone. The area offers a multitude of possibilities for hiking, nature watching, and learning about the history of the area in context to nature. Pay attention to the fracture valley, meadows, and birds. Within the (4km) trail there are many different vantage points where you can admire the view and multiple fireplaces, where enjoy your packed lunch, and just take an enjoyable break.

Autumntime berry picking in Lappish forest near Apukka Resort Rovniemi Lapland Finland

Trip 2: Trekking in the Heart of Nature, 3hrs

In summer and fall, locals rush to their favourite swamps and forests with their baskets and buckets to pick some vitamin-rich berries. It’s not only a great way to spend time with your friends or family but also good for your health and wintertime food supply.

Follow the path deep into the woods where the stunning silence and beauty of Lappish nature await. The stories of your guide will take you on a journey to the past as you hear about the old way of living and learn about the traditional way of using ingredients found in nature.

The slow pace allows you to notice little details and take your time with photos. We will have a break by the campfire where you can relax while your guide prepares traditional Finnish pancakes, topped with freshly picked berries with coffee or tea.

Lappish handicrafts by Ari ja Irene Kangasniemi in Rovaniemi, Lapland

Trip 3: In the Heart of Lappish Culture, 3hrs

Welcome to the cozy Lappish workshop by artisans Irene & Ari! During this excursion, you will experience the making of Lappish traditional handicrafts while enjoying the entertaining stories of Lapland and its’ people. The people of Lapland have always been clever with one´s hands, and during these hours you are invited to participate in this longstanding tradition. With the tools and materials directly from Lappish nature, you will make your souvenir to go. Included in the tour are also homemade pastries, coffee/tea, and tasty juice made by the artisans themselves. Welcome to the world of fascinating stories and tales! 

Day 4 – Bye Bye Lapland!

After a delicious breakfast, it is time to say bye-bye to Lapland. Our driver will take you to the airport and wish you a pleasant journey back home. Hope to see you again at Apukka Resort!


– According to your preference, holiday package includes three nights accommodation in Aurora Cabin, Aurora Cabin Superior, Komsio Suite, Kammi Suite or Kammi Family Suite.

– Transfers from and to Rovaniemi airport

– Daily buffet breakfast

– Complimentary Aurora Alert app

– Tour 1: Trip to Korouoma Canyon, 6hrs

– Tour 2: In the Heart of Nature, 3hrs

– Tour 3: In the Heart of Lappish Culture, 3hrs

You can upgrade our ready-made packages with extra nights, extra activities, and meals by contacting our sales team at SALES@APUKKARESORT.FI.




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