4+ nights pre-Christmas holiday package in
Apukka Resort – Rovaniemi Lapland

Where’s your Christmas Spirit? Perhaps it’s hidden in the Husky Sled or along the Reindeer Ride?

Christmas in Lapland is about playing in the snow. It’s about gazing up at the sky and witnessing the awesome Northern Lights – is this your path to finding the Christmas Spirit?

Even the biggest Grinch will surely discover it when visiting Santa Claus in his hidden hut, nestled deep in the wintry forest where elves and reindeer live. Our holiday package is ideal for families and anyone seeking an authentic Lappish Christmas experience. Simply book this package and secure your plane tickets – we’ll handle everything else, from transfers and accommodation to dining and activities.

This holiday package is available on 10.11.-23.12.2024

DAY 1 – Arriving at Rovaniemi Lapland

Your journey begins upon your arrival at the frost-covered Rovaniemi Airport, where our driver extends a warm welcome. In just a quick 10-minute drive, you’ll be surrounded by the stunning Lappish nature at Apukka Resort. After checking in, you can settle into your fantastic accommodations.

DAYS 2-4 Active days in Apukka Resort

All your active days start from our atmospheric Restaurant Aitta, by enjoying a delicious breakfast!

Embark on your quest for the Christmas Spirit with our fun-filled activities. Husky sledding, reindeer rides, and a meeting with Santa Claus await! Your adventures are planned for you, but for extra wintry excitement, you can always book more tours at our reception.

As winter descends upon Apukka, our resort transforms into a winter wonderland. To ensure everyone can enjoy the snowy fun, we’ve preserved snow from the previous season and have the capability to produce more if natural snowfall is limited during the early winter season.

On our premises, you’ll find a large (and free to use!) tube slide while a nearby frozen lake invites strolls on its sturdy ice. Every evening, we kindle a grand bonfire in our yard, a beacon of warmth and relaxation. Whether it’s building snowmen, kick sledding on ice, or leisurely exploring our beautiful resort and snapping photos, Apukka Resort offers a wealth of activities to keep you entertained.

Tour 1: Apukka Snow & Fun, duration 4 hours

Create unforgettable family memories with our bucket list activities! From thrilling husky rides and reindeer encounters to many types of snowy activities, Apukka Snow and Fun offers the best of the Arctic Circle in one package. Rediscover your inner child as you slide down a hill on toboggan, sculpt ice and snow, and try snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. Sleigh rides with huskies and reindeer let you witness these Arctic animals in their element. Kids can zip around on mini snowmobiles. To replenish your energies, savor a delicious lunch at our authentic restaurant Aitta. And to cap it all off, engage in an epic snow fight!

Family enjoying Apukka Snow and Fun in Apukka Resort, Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland
Aurora hunt by snow train in Apukka Resort Lapland Finland

Tour 2: Snowtrain to Northern Lights Camp, duration 3 hours

Is this the most comfortable Northern Lights trip ever? Take our heated carriage, the one-of-a-kind snowtrain, and journey through the dark and snowy wilderness as you gaze at the night sky. Gather around a warming bonfire to enjoy a hot drink while learning about the myths and facts surrounding the Northern Lights. Some even say that whistling can summon the Auroras – are you up for the challenge? Remember that the Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon, and while we can’t guarantee a 100% sighting, this trip offers an excellent chance to witness their beauty.

Tour 3: Reindeer ride to Santa through the Magic Forest, duration 2 hours

Nothing kindles the Christmas spirit quite like a reindeer guiding you through a snow-covered trail to a hidden spot where the air is filled with the melodies of Christmas songs and baskets overflowing with cookies. Apukka’s jolly Elves will be your festive companions, engaging you in Christmassy activities and leading you to Santa’s Hidden Hut – a place full of magic. As the adventure unfolds, savor warm drinks and cookies, and of course, enjoy some special one-on-one time with Santa Claus!

Day 5 – Bye Bye Lapland!

After a splendid holiday and a delightful breakfast, it’s time to depart, carrying the Christmas Spirit with you. Our driver will transport you to the airport, and your journey back begins.


You can upgrade our ready-made packages with extra nights, extra activities, and meals by contacting our team at SALES@APUKKARESORT.FI.





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