Husky Dog Rides – More Than Winter Fun

Seasonal variations in husky tours of Lapland

Husky rides rank as one of the most beloved winter activities for tourists in Rovaniemi and Lapland. But did you know that at Apukka Resort, you can also enjoy dog sledding during other seasons? In autumn, huskies pull carriages on wheels, and as temperatures drop, they return to traditional sleds, providing an exciting experience that spans across different seasons.

Autumn Husky Tours

Autumn in Lapland paints the landscape with hues of red and orange, while the invigoratingly crisp air sets the stage for the season’s transition. Just as nature readies itself for winter, our huskies undergo dedicated conditioning in anticipation of the upcoming season. Join our autumn husky rides, experiencing a thrilling journey aboard specially designed wheeled carts that will take you across vibrant forests and fields. With the busy winter season still on the horizon, now is the ideal time to secure your spot for this activity, choosing the time most suitable for you. For the well-being of our dogs, rides are available when the temperature is 10°C or colder.

Note: Autumn Husky tours will soon be available for pre-booking online!

Why choose dog sledding in autumn?

  • Exciting rides utilizing wheeled carts.
  • Colorful foliage provides a picturesque setting.
  • Booking is easy before the winter rush.
  • Comfortable temperatures, invigoratingly crisp air.

Early Winter Husky Tours

When October and November roll around, people in Lapland start to turn their gaze upward, eagerly anticipating the season’s first snowfall. During this time at Apukka Resort, we put our snow cannons to work, crafting trails with stored snow. This signals the beginning of the first husky tours on sleds, offering you the chance to enjoy this immensely popular winter activity ahead of the crowd. The longest tour covers 3 km, putting you in the role of musher as you lead your enthusiastic husky team. Furthermore, we also offer tours that bundle together various snowy activities into a single, unforgettable experience.

Why choose dog sledding in early winter?

  • Trails created with stored snow and snow cannons.
  • Winter vibes without the cold of deep winter.
  • An early start to husky sledding before the crowds.
  • More flexibility in booking schedules than later on.

Winter Husky Tours

When December arrives, people begin feeling the Christmas spirit in their hearts. This marks the peak time for our husky tours because it seems like everyone wants to join in on the fun, and the busy season lasts until the beginning of April. To meet this demand, we’ll offer husky tours several times a day! During winter, you’ll enjoy longer rides and have the chance to experience the true winter wonderland of Lapland. As you witness the plumes of your breath while steering your sled through the frosty landscapes, you’ll feel like a true Arctic explorer, admiring the frozen world around you.

Why choose dog sledding in winter?

  • Experience the snowy wonderland of Lapland.
  • Multiple husky tours available daily.
  • The longest husky rides of the year.
  • Tours full of wintry magic all the way to April.

So what’s the best time for husky rides?

We’re admittedly biased, but we love husky rides in every season! One of Lapland’s incredible features is its diversity of seasons, each offering distinct advantages for husky tours. In brief, during autumn and early winter, there are fewer available start times, but there are also fewer people competing for those spots. Winter is the peak season for husky rides in Lapland, but with our snow cannons and stored snow at Apukka Resort, you can enjoy snowy trails even before December. The husky rides differ significantly during autumn compared to the early winter and winter seasons, not only in terms of the vehicles used but also in the landscapes you get to explore.




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