Your friends will not believe their eyes when they see this!

Fairytales turn into reality when you cross the Arctic Circle in Santa Claus Village, Rovaniemi Lapland – Finland. In Apukka, you can feel like you’re in the middle of the movie Frozen by spending the night in one of our Ice Cabins. As the name suggests, they are built from logs that are 100% pure ice. If you want to go home with an unbelievable story to tell, look no further. Our Ice Cabins are truly unique, and available only in Apukka Resort.

Comfortable deep sleep in Ice Hotel Cabin

Inside the cabin the temperature stays steady between 0 and -5 ºC, even in times when it’s much colder outside. You will sleep in a super-thick thermal sleeping bag on top of luxurious reindeer hides – so don’t worry about getting cold. Just enjoy the silence, breathe the purest air and get ready for a deep sleep.

Ice hotel staying – Warm reserve accommodation if needed

We have reserve accommodation available for you if you feel the need for some warmth. In the morning, delicious breakfast is served in our restaurant Aitta.

We recommend booking just a single night in the Ice Cabin, for the best possible experience. You can try our other accommodation alternatives for the rest of your stay: the aurora cabin, aurora wagon or our comfortable rooms.

Night in the Ice Cabin includes:

  • guidance and tips for the experience
  • warm drinks
  • thick thermal sleeping bags designed for arctic conditions, reindeer hides
  • breakfast in our restaurant Aitta
  • warm reserve accommodation with toilet

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