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Eight Seasons of Lapland

Lappish nature is in constant change. At the Arctic Circle, the year unfolds through eight distinctive seasons, a departure from the conventional spring, summer, autumn, and winter cycle. Join us as we delve deeper to explore these unique seasons of Lapland and discover the array of experiences they offer at Apukka Resort.

From Autumn Foliage to First Snow

September - Mid-November

As the days pass in September, the surrounding nature of Rovaniemi begins its preparations for the swiftly approaching winter. The leaves and the soil don new costumes, painting the surroundings of Apukka with the marvelous colors of deep red, yellow, orange, and brown. Autumn foliage, or Fall foliage if you’re American, has arrived in Rovaniemi. With the reflections of these colors cast upon the open, blue waters of Lapland, autumn time paints the most exquisite surroundings around us. As the weeks pass, one morning we wake up to find a fragile layer of frost covering the leaves, the surface of the lake, and everything around us – nature has whispered its first promises of winter. Day by day, the duration of daylight wears down, and the dark night skies provide a stage for the Auroras.

Autumn is a fantastic time to visit Apukka Resort and witness the transformations in nature. Whether you choose to ride an eFatbike, go on foot, or opt for a wheeled cart pulled by huskies, there are various ways to venture into the wild and appreciate the autumn beauty. And be sure to bring your camera along because the Aurora season is here!

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The Joy of Early Winter and Christmas

Mid-November - December

As December unfolds, Lapland is blanketed in pristine snow, transforming Apukka Resort into a winter wonderland. The excitement sparked by the first snowfall is palpable; Finns eagerly embrace skiing, snowshoeing, and tobogganing, immersing themselves in the winter bliss. Undoubtedly, a touch of magic graces the air in the lead-up to Christmas. Most birds have migrated south, while creatures like brown bears and badgers seek snug corners in the woods for a winter-long hibernation. However, amidst the tranquility, keen observers will notice signs of life etched on the sparkling snow—a story told through paw prints. December in Rovaniemi ushers in several weeks of the Polar Night, where the sun remains below the horizon, creating a unique atmosphere perfect for stargazing.

Early winter brings forth everyone’s favorite winter activities: sleds pulled by huskies or reindeer, snowmobiles, and more! What sets Apukka apart is our preparation for unpredictable weather. With ample stored snow and snow cannons, we ensure an abundance of snow to create wintry activities, regardless of what the thermometer says.

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Deep Winter Bids a Farewell to the Polar Night

January - February

As Lapland welcomes the new year, the sky graces us with enchanting hues, offering a spectacular display despite the coldest temperatures of the Lappish winter. Frosty surfaces create a fairytale-like scene, with ice flakes sparkling like diamonds on the snow, and each step echoing a sense of entering a different world. Pastel shades adorn the sky, crafting a dreamlike, cloud-inspired experience. This fusion of elements results in a beauty beyond words, an experience best witnessed firsthand. In the wild, Lapland’s animals employ various survival strategies during these cold months – from the white camouflage of a hare to the snowshoe-like paws of a wolverine. The beginning of the year unfolds with a tale of contrasts, embracing both beauty and harshness, characteristic of the Arctic.

In Apukka, the winter season continues in full swing. Dashing through the snow on a reindeer-drawn sleigh has never felt more like stepping into a postcard. With Christmas behind us, there are fewer tourists around, providing additional opportunities to join safaris at a time that suits you best. For many Finns, out of all the seasons of Lapland, this is the “true winter.”

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Late Winter - The Return of the Sun

March - April

By mid-March, the enchanting nature of Lapland awakens from its fairytale-like slumber, signaling the advent of spring. It’s as if Vivaldi’s melodies echo in the air! Rovaniemi experiences a swift surge in daylight, and come April, the sun’s warmth becomes unmistakable against your skin. The return of birds fills the forests with melodious songs as spring unfolds its charms. For Finns, this season marks a time of balmy, sun-filled days and freezing nights—ideal for witnessing the mesmerizing Northern Lights. The unique combination results in a frozen surface on the snow, sturdy enough to support a person’s weight. People seize the moment, embarking on sled adventures into the wild and ice-fishing. Just imagine yourself joining in, welcoming the change in seasons.

Sunshine, snow, and plenty of fun, Late Winter’s charm is second to none! As the sun returns, guests at Apukka Resort can revel in their favorite winter activities, basking in the gentle glow of the Arctic sun. To the delight of all those wishing to experience the sunny side of winter, our doors are open until the beginning of April.

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Seasons of Lapland - The Newborn Nature


In early May, seemingly by unanimous agreement, every facet of Northern nature springs into action, preparing for the imminent arrival of summer. The layers of snow that have blanketed Rovaniemi since early December begin their gradual thaw, forming rivulets of ice-cold water that unveil the green moss hidden beneath. Arctic animals stir from their hibernation, some accompanied by newborn cubs. Within weeks, the last vestiges of snow vanish in Rovaniemi, giving way to the blossoming of Lapland’s natural beauty. Various hues of green conquer the forests, the air resonates with birdsong, and our senses are awakened by the splendid scents bestowed upon us by the blooming surroundings. A winter wonderland, just like that, has turned into a parade of colors.

The Midnight Sun


One of the most unique seasons of Lapland, is the midnight sun. The Lappish summer is full of light, nights spent in nature, and festivities. During a specific period in summer, the sun does not set below the horizon at all in Rovaniemi – a phenomenon known as the Midnight Sun season. Throughout the entire bright night, the Lappish wilderness bathes in a unique light, allowing people to explore the wonders of Lappish nature without having to glance at their watches. The days in Rovaniemi are warm, and the Finns enthusiastically embrace the great outdoors in large numbers – after a long winter, summer is heartily welcomed. One day, in particular, the Midsummer festivity awakens all Finns from any hibernation they might still be experiencing – a day of enjoying the great outdoors, lighting big bonfires, and spending time with good friends.

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The Core of Finnish Summer

July - Mid-August

As Lapland’s summer unfurls into July, a gradual deepening of darkness embraces Rovaniemi’s nights. Out of the all seasons of Lapland, this is the warmest one. Nature, in full bloom, showcases the Lappish summer in its full glory, a captivating spectacle wherever your gaze may wander. Open waters across the country whisper invitations for adventure, while splendid summer days extend their alluring welcomes, beckoning all to relish the great outdoors. Families and friends fill their days hosting barbecue nights in the yard, transforming outdoor cooking by a bonfire into gourmet feasts. With the arrival of August, the bonfires outside cast their warm glow, illuminating the dark nights beneath the clear, starry skies of Rovaniemi. Amidst this nocturnal spectacle, the stunning and almost intoxicating scent of Labrador Tea lingers in the air.

When the summer draws to a close, our team shifts their attention to the bustling autumn months ahead. Is the wheeled husky cart ready to roll? Are the trails in order? The Apukka crew leaves no stone unturned, working hard to ensure that when you, our esteemed guest, arrive, everything is as perfect as possible.

Harvest Season

Mid-August - September

As August approaches its end, the woods of Lapland transform into treasure chests. Emerging from beneath the moss, mushrooms take their very first peek at the vast world around them, while blueberries turn the forests into fields of blue carpets in Rovaniemi. The marshlands bear the weight of millions of chubby cloudberries – also known as the gold of Lapland. As August gives way to September, lingonberries and cranberries soon join the parade of natural delicacies. The woods serve as a place of relaxation for the Finns. Thanks to Finnish public rights, anyone can harvest the offerings of the forests in public lands (excluding private properties, naturally!). It’s not uncommon to see people carrying buckets filled with berries and mushrooms during these months.

As September draws near, Apukka Resort prepares to welcome visitors eager to enjoy one of the most beautiful and diverse seasons of Lapland. This is also the time when the Aurora Borealis first graces the skies, making it one of the best times, alongside spring, to witness these mysterious lights that fill so many hearts with wonder and awe.

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Now that you know about the unique seasons of Lapland, it is time to book your stay at Apukka Resort, a true bucket-list destination. We warmly welcome our guests to experience our unique aurora accommodations, Arctic adventures, and authentic Lappish flavors in our restaurants. Here, the ever-changing seasons of Lapland bring new experiences, from the vibrant colors of autumn to the wintry magic that we get the first taste of in November and continue to enjoy through early April.