Lappish KOMSIO Suite

Step inside and fall in love into the real Lappish luxury!

KOMSIO Suite is Apukka Resort’s very own design, cozy, but luxurious accommodation that originates from the ancient culture of Lapland.

KOMSIO means a traditional Sámi cradle, where small children were put to sleep like in a safe, warm nest. In our KOMSIO Suite, you can have the same feeling now, when sleeping under the starry sky in the extraordinary bed section specially designed for this unique accommodation.

This is the most innovative yet still traditional Lappish overnight experience with a full 360-view to the arctic nature, straight from your bed.

KOMSIO Suites are equipped with a twin bed, a convertable sofa and a private bathroom with shower and toilet. 

Look at the 3D view and feel the atmosphere of Komsio!

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