Early Winter Holiday Packages

Holidays in Rovaniemi in November

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Apukka Resort has made everything ready for your November holiday in Lapland

10th November - 28th November

Apukka Resort is a full-serving holiday village with various accommodation options, from glass igloos and premium glass roof suites to high-class family suites by the lake.

All favorite early winter excursions are available at the Resort and are carried out on the Resort’s private land and routes. Would you believe that you can find peace and quiet only a 10-15 minute drive from Santa Claus Village and Rovaniemi city center? November is the beginning of winter, so the amount of snow is uncertain in Rovaniemi and Lapland. Apukka Resort offers early winter experiences on stored and cannoned snow from 10th November 2024 if natural snow is not falling.

Our Restaurant Aitta serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner from the delicious buffet and the a la carte menu.

You can effortlessly enhance your experience with extra nights, activities, and meals during the online booking process or by reaching out to our sales team at sales@apukkaresort.fi.