Northern Lights look great, but did you know that they also produce sound?

Some people say that you can hear faint sounds such as claps, crackles, and static sounds while Northern Lights are on the sky. However, the aurora noise is so rare that hearing it is possible only during times of maximum aurora activity, on windless nights away from other noise sources.

For a long time scientists were debating if sound produced by Northern Lights is even possible to hear. According to some specialists, the upper atmosphere where the lights occur is too thin to carry sound waves, and the aurora is so far away that it would take a sound wave five minutes to reach ears on the ground. Only about a year ago Finnish research group have actually been able to prove that the sounds exist and they now the reason why. If you want to learn more, go check this article from National Geographic’s internet site:…/auroras-sounds-noise…/

This is the first part of our Northern Light Facts series. We want everyone to find out interesting facts about Northern Lights so for the next ten weeks Apukka is going to post one every monday.

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