Did you know that Auroras have been seen at the Equator?

There are confirmed proofs that the Northern Lights may not always be so northern after all. Reports say the most southern Northern Lights  ever have been witnessed during the massive solar storm of 1859 known as the Carrington Event. During that time the colors typical of Aurora Borealis were seen in Honolulu, just 21° north of the equator. These Lights are the most southern Northern Lights reported in the recorded history.

It seems that the Southern Lights, the Aurora Australis have been seen even closer to the Equator. Historians have uncovered evidence suggesting that the Lights being seen from Samoa in 1921, at a latitude of 13° south, and a other report from Singapore at just 8° south during the storm of 25 September in 1909. It is very likely that the Aurora Australis were visible even from the Equator at the time, but there are no verified reports to be found. While Singapore and other countries near the Equator may have to wait their next Auroras quite a long time, the show continues at the Arctic Circle!

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