Reindeer Farm and Rides – Not Just Winter Magic

Seasonal differences in reindeer tours of Lapland

Lapland is often synonymous with reindeer. At Apukka Resort, you don’t have to wait for Christmas to explore the captivating lives of these great animals–whether it’s autumn, early winter, or winter, reindeer are never far away from Apukka. In this blog, we’ll tell you about the differences in reindeer tours across the seasons, so you better know what to expect.

Autumn Reindeer Tours

In autumn, the Lappish nature adorns itself in orange, yellow, and red, anticipating the winter’s snowy mantle to come. And what could be more closely associated with the Arctic wilderness than reindeer? While sleigh rides await the arrival of snow, you can still enjoy a delightful visit to the reindeer farm. Here, you can pet these charming creatures, feed them lichen, and glean insights into reindeer husbandry from an experienced herder.  During autumn, you have the option not only to choose a tour solely focused on reindeer but also a combination tour that includes various activities, such as meeting the other beloved Arctic animals: the huskies!

Note: Autumn Reindeer tours for 2024 will soon be available for pre-booking online!

Why choose an autumn reindeer tour?

Early Winter Reindeer Tours

November marks the onset of winter in Lapland, signaling the beginning of reindeer sleigh rides on snow. Crafted using stored snow and snow cannons, our dreamy trails ensure the enjoyment of this popular winter activity, regardless of natural snowfall. Speaking of sleigh rides, we offer ones taking place during the night, providing a magical experience under the Arctic sky adorned with endless stars and the potential to witness the Northern Lights. Also, keep in mind our tours, which blend reindeer farm visits with brief sleigh rides and other winter activities like snowshoeing and toboggan sliding!

Why choose an early winter reindeer tour?

Winter Reindeer Tours

As early winter transitions into full-blown winter, temperatures drop even lower, and the heavens bestow more snowflakes from above. This season offers the Arctic experience most people dream about: frost-covered trees, the Auroras, Christmas magic… Our tours continue until the beginning of April, and with the changing months, the nature of the experience evolves. The darkness of the polar night gives way to the spring sun, transforming the snow into a glistening sea of diamonds. One delightful specialty of this season is a sleigh ride to ice fishing: embark on a journey to a frozen lake and uncover the secrets of this popular Lappish pastime, guided by our entertaining expert!

Why choose a reindeer tour in winter?

At Apukka, Reindeer are never far away

Reindeer, even though most closely associated with Santa Claus and Christmas, are an integral part of Arctic life. That’s why we offer reindeer tours not only during the height of the holiday season but also in autumn and the early winter period before December. We invite you to revel in the vivid palette of autumn colors while taking a leisurely visit to our reindeer farm. In November, our snow cannons are hard at work, huffing and puffing snow so that people can enjoy snowy activities, including reindeer sleigh rides, before everyone else. So, no matter which season you choose to visit Apukka Resort, you can be sure that reindeer are not far away!




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