Restaurant Aitta

Something old, something new. The 100 years old timber log walls of our brand new restaurant Aitta tell dozens of stories of Apukka area.

Did you know that in the old days Apukka used to be a breadbasket for locals with rich fishing waters, forests full of berries and mushrooms? The old tavern was open to all the travelers and as they said: welcome dear friend, the table is made for You.

Today, we want to cherish the tradition of old Apukka and that’s how the concept of Aitta was born.

Restaurant Aitta serves Nordic cuisine with modern twist and uses locally produced ingredients. Breakfast is continental, lunch and dinner buffet style. The true heart of the restaurant is a huge stone fireplace with oven, where we actually bake buns and braise delicious stew. High windows in the dining area gives amazing view to the lake. In Aitta, we are able to cater up groups up to 160-200 persons.

See the report which tells about the restaurant hygienic standards and product safety.




/ starters can also be prepared gluten-free /

Aitta`s soups

LAPPISH LAD’S SOUP (L, G)€9.90 / €16.90
AITTA ́S SALMON SOUP (L, G) €9.90 / €16.90


Lapland platter

cold-smoked reindeer, reindeer rillette, cold-smoked salmon tartar, smoked vendace, flatbread, butter and lingonberry mayonnaise (L)



GREEN SALAD (L) €9.90 

Salad extras

Chicken €6.90 / Cold-smoked salmon €6.90 / Cold-smoked reindeer €7.00 / Glowfried salmon €7.00 / Goat cheese (VL) €3.50 each / Fish of the day €7.90

Main dishes

Reindeer barley risotto (L)€17.90
Cold-smoked salmon barley risotto (L)€17.90
Boletus mushroom barley risotto (L)€17.90
Sauteéd reindeer (L,G)
seasonal vegetables, side dish of your choice, creamy pepper sauce
Chicken with goat cheese (VL,G)
seasonal vegetables, side dish of your choice, red wine sauce
Aitta’s fish (L,G)  / Aitta ́s catch of the day /
seasonal vegetables, side dish of your choice, creamy lemon-dill sauce
Fried vendace with mashed potatoes (L,G)
dill-flavoured knob of butter


Reindeer burger (L)
Lappish Puikula potatoes, lettuce, lingonberry mayonnaise
Aitta’s burger (L)
100% finnish beef, Lappish puikula potatoes, lettuce, lingonberry mayonnaise


Glowfried salmon (L)
glowfried salmon, red onion, lemon crème fraîche
Smoked reindeer (L)
smoked reindeer, red onion compote, 
kuusamo smoked cheese, lingonberry mayonnaise
Smoked vendace (L)

smoked vendace, lappish puikula potato chunks, dill-flavoured oil
Root vegetable (L) €14.90
root vegetables, balsamic vinegar
Your choice (L)
tomato sauce, cheese

extra topping + €1/ each: salami, reindeer, salmon, vendace, ham, onion, tomato, root vegetables, goat cheese, caper


Specially for gourmets

Chocolate cake with cranberry sorbet (L)€9.90
Lappish squeaky cheese with cloudberries (L,G) €9.90 
AITTA ́S sorbet (L,G)€6.90

Kid’s menu

Wieners & french fries
meat balls & potato mash
chicken nuggets & french fries
own choice of pizza (2 toppings)
burger & french fries

€10 / portion

From local brewery

Lapin Amber Lager
Aihki Dark Lager
Tähkä Wheat Beer
Gielas Gluten free beer
€7,90 / 0,33l

Frozen berries drinks

Frozen cloudberry €9,50
2 cl Koskenkorva Vodka
2 cl Lapponia Cloudberry liqueur
Cloudberry Jam
Crushed Ice


Frozen blueberry €9,50
2 cl Koskenkorva Vodka
2 cl Lapponia Blueberry liqueur
Blueberry Syrap (homemade)
Crushed Ice


Frozen lingonberry €9,50
2 cl Koskenkorva Vodka
2 cl Lapponia Lingonberry liqueur
Lingonberry Syrap (homemade)
Crushed Ice

Look at the 3D view and feel the atmosphere of Aitta restaurant!

Restaurant Aitta opening hours


Winter Season (November-April)

7:30 – 10:00

11:00 – 14:00

18:00 – 21:00

Ala Carte:
12:00 – 21:00


Summer Season (May-October)

9:00 – 11:00 for overnight guests

Lunch and dinner on request


For more information call: +358 29 3700268 

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