Snow Fact #1
– The World Largest Snowflake

Have you heard of the biggest snowflake ever?

Last year, we delved into fascinating Northern Light facts. This year, we take a closer look at snow! Welcome to our Snow Fact series, which is sure to make you see snow in a new light. Our inaugural fact will be about the largest snowflake ever recorded.

Individual snowflakes, as you may have noticed, are typically quite small, but occasionally, they stick together, forming much larger snowflakes. While it’s common to experience sizable snowflakes around 3-5 centimeters in diameter, January 28th, 1887, marked an extraordinary event at the army base of Fort Keogh, Montana, US, where the size of the snowflakes in the air was anything but common.

Throughout the day, the snowflakes had been exceptionally large, but this one was a true giant. The soldiers guarding Fort Keogh witnessed a truly bizarre sight when the most massive snowflake ever fell from the sky. Measuring 38 centimeters and 20 centimeters thick, it was the size of a dinner plate. In Finland, kids often play and try to catch flakes with their tongues, but with a snowflake this size, you’d need the tongue of an elephant!

According to science, these giant snowflakes can indeed form easily. They emerge when heavy, wet snow falls with little wind. Under these conditions, flakes with a slight surface sheen of water readily adhere to each other, creating larger flakes. The giant flake at Fort Keogh was formed by the amalgamation of numerous small snowflakes. Since the largest known snow crystal measured just a little over 1 centimeter from tip to tip, there must have been hundreds of them in this one massive flake. This snowflake was so exceptional that here in Europe, no other flake can compete with it. The largest known and measured snowflake was found in Berlin on January 10th, 1915, and was only around 10 centimeters wide.

Snowflake seen through a microscope.

For those who find it hard to believe that a snowflake could ever be this size and think this fact must be a lie, I’m pleased to inform you that this record is backed by the Guinness Book of World Records. Naturally, this record can be surpassed at any time; every snowflake is a potential giant if the weather conditions are right.

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