Do you know about “the war of snowballs” that took place two years ago?

Snowball fights are fun. Especially when you have many fighters at the same time. You know, the more the merrier. We’ve had plenty of world records here at our list of Snow Facts, like the biggest snowflake or the first identical snowflakes in the world. So we continue our list with the grandfather of all snowball fights!

This particular fight happened at Saskatoon in Canada just couple years ago. The record breaking snowball war was fought in January 31st, 2016 and there were almost 2000 fighters more than in the previous world record snowball fight. In Saskatoon there were exactly 7,681 “winter warriors” throwing snow at each other.

The snowball fight of Saskatoon was organized to send off Team Canada for the annual professional snowball fighting competition: the Showa Shinzan International Yukigassen World Championships. Yeah, this is actually a double fact since very few probably knew about the World Championships of Snowball fighting. This fight is now marked to the  Guinness Book of World Record as the largest outdoor snowball fight ever. But it is said that this record will not hold and there are already bigger events being organized. Time will show us if this fact will grow outdated soon.

This was the 3rd fact in our Snow Fact -serie, we have a brand new and interesting fact about snow coming out every monday. Stay tuned and follow our Facebook-page, so you get notified when the next fact is live!

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