Panoramic sky views from the comfort of your own bed in Rovaniemi, Lapland!

Step inside & fall in love with the Lappish comfort!

A truly unique experience, our Komsio Glass Igloo Suite is an Apukka Resort exclusive; you won’t find lodgings anywhere else in Lapland.

These tastefully decorated and meticulously constructed rooms, deliver a cozy yet luxurious accommodation with themes and inspiration drawn upon from the ancient culture of Lapland.

An atmospheric sitting area welcomes you to your home away from home, with comfortable seating and a spectacular view of the stunning Lappish landscape. Let the untouched beauty of the North take you on an imaginative journey as you sip at your coffee and witness the grandeur of these truly magnificent accommodations beside Lake Olkka’s calmness.

Conveniently located on the first level, the bathroom with shower is equipped with premium fixtures to cater to your needs. Climb up to the second level and you’ll see where the Komsio Suite receives its namesake, as you’re greeted by a nest-like bed that resembles a traditional Sámi child’s cradle. Sleeping beneath the stars with an incredible 360°, unimpeded view of the sky provides the pinnacle of viewing locations for the Northern Lights. At the same time, you snuggle comfortably beneath the soft and supple bedding surrounding you.

Komsio Glass Igloo Suites (31,5m²) are equipped with

Breakfast in Restaurant Aitta is included in the stay.

The history of Lapland plays an essential part in the identity of Apukka Resort, adding to the mystical aura and finely crafted experience that awaits you. The Komsio Suite offers a one-of-a-kind experience, allowing you to sleep under the starry sky. The most innovative lodgings available in the region await you at Apukka Resort. Explore using our immersive and interactive 3D virtual tour that places you directly inside your Komsio Suite.

Things to consider when comparing Komsio Suites and Kammi Suites:

Our Komsio and Kammi Suites are unique in their own right, offering excellent accommodations to our guests. Smaller in size and ideal for couples, the Komsio Suite features a smaller sitting area and no kitchenette while the Kammi Suite can accommodate up to four people comfortably, features a larger sitting area, and has a well-equipped kitchenette.

Note: Our accommodations do not include televisions as we encourage our guests to embrace the great outdoors and the activity opportunities available to them at Apukka Resort. You won’t miss your TV watching the Northern Lights dance above your head.

Pictures of Komsio Glass Igloos Suite in Apukka Resort Rovaniemi

3D virtual tour to Komsio Suite in Apukka Resort Rovaniemi




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