Combo holiday package of Aurora Cabin glass igloo and Apukka Rovaniemi City Apartment in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland

Combo of Glass Igloo & City Apartment

4 nights holiday package combining a glass igloo hotel stay and Arctic city life – Rovaniemi Lapland

Experience more on one vacation, combining wilderness igloo hotel stay and city life in Rovaniemi, Lapland, with our new combo holiday package.

Are you looking for an easy-to-book holiday package that ticks off things from your bucket list? Look no further, as our combo package includes dreamy nights in a glass igloo and funny days in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland’s small but lively capital. Add tours and experiences for your stay with a 10% discount, and that’s it – your holiday is ready!

For this four-night holiday, we have included the best Northern Lights viewing possibilities at Apukka Resort Rovaniemi and a city apartment stay in Rovaniemi city center close to restaurants, sights, and shops.

DAY 1 – Arrival at Rovaniemi Lapland

Landing at Rovaniemi – The official hometown of Santa Claus is an experience in itself. Almost all you can see is forests, lakes, and rivers – and a small town in the middle of all this!

It’s time to check in and settle in your accommodation. Your four days and nights of adventure are waiting for you!

You can select if you prefer the first two nights in Apukka Resort or Apukka Rovaniemi City Apartments. If nothing is selected, the accommodation for the first two nights will be at Apukka Resort and the next two nights in Apukka Rovaniemi City Apartments.

Itinerary Example for days 2-4 at Apukka Resort and Rovaniemi City

Whether staying the first two nights in Apukka Resort or Rovaniemi city center, you can pack your days with new experiences. You can easily book Apukka Adventures’ activities operated in the private wilderness of Apukka Resort with a 10% discount when booking the holiday package or later from our sales team at When staying at City Apartments, Apukka Shuttle Bus transfer to activities is included in the activity price.

Breakfast is the glass igloo stay in Apukka Resort. You can also book buffet dinners in Restaurant Aitta for your stay at the Resort. Other meal options are lunch and a la carte dinner at Restaurant Aitta or a more casual dinner at Restaurant Kota. When staying at Apukka Rovaniemi City Apartments, you can choose from various restaurants in the Rovaniemi city center.

On your third day, it’s time to move to your next accommodation. Our transfer will take you effortlessly from door to door. Continue to explore your new accommodation and surroundings.

Unforgettable two nights in Aurora Cabin King glass igloo

This vacation package includes two nights in our brand-new Aurora Cabin Kings. These new and upgraded glass igloos have a stylish dark interior and a king-size bed just under the glass ceiling. You can call this perfect Aurora nest your home and enjoy the Arctic nature starting right from its doorstep. Join our excursions, enjoy the lakeside view, meet reindeer and horses in the yard, and taste the best Lappish food.

Interior of Aurora Cabin King glass igloo in Apukka Resort Rovaniemi Lapland Finland

Arctic city life at Apukka Rovaniemi City Apartments, two nights

Our city apartments are located right in the middle of Rovaniemi, the small capital of Finnish Lapland. This means you’ll have a short walk to all the restaurants, shops, and sights the city offers. And don’t worry; you’ll still have easy access to Apukka Resort with our Apukka Shuttle Bus, which starts right in front of the apartment building. The home-like One-bedroom apartment has a bedroom with a 180 cm double bed, living room, kitchen, and bathroom.

Aurora Alert Service

You’ll have the complimentary Aurora Alert Realtime app for your stay. The alert app sends you a real-time alert when the Northern Lights are visible in the sky! The app works with Android and iPhone. You can download the Aurora Alert Realtime app already in advance at the Play Store or App Store.

Day 5 – Goodbye, Rovaniemi!

Enjoy your breakfast and get ready for travelling. It is time to say goodbye! Hope to see you again in Rovaniemi, Lapland!

This combo package is available on 1.9.-30.11.2023 & 9.1.-7.4.2024.


– 2 nights accommodation in Aurora Cabin King at Apukka Resort Rovaniemi
– 2 x breakfast buffet at Apukka Resort
– 2 nights accommodation in One-bedroom Apartment at Apukka Rovaniemi City Apartments
– One-way transfer from Apukka Resort to Rovaniemi City Apartments or vice versa
– Complimentary Aurora Alert App
– 10% discount on activities (excluding husky tours)
– Priority guest status
– Early check-in when possible
– Unlimited access to Wi-Fi
– Complimentary Winter Clothing during your stay at Apukka Resort (winter clothing included in all stays between 13.11.2023 and 7.4.2024).

You can upgrade our ready-made packages with extra nights, extra activities, and meals by contacting our sales team at SALES@APUKKARESORT.FI.




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