Family-style comfort in a character-packed accommodation

Melding form & function:
Apukka Resort’s Kammi Family Suites in Rovaniemi, Lapland

Why sacrifice comfort for practicality when you can have both? With Apukka Resort’s Kammi Family Suite you get plenty of each – allowing you to relax with your family, while still having all of the comforts and necessities of the home right at your fingertips.

This accommodation provides the perfect amenities and features needed to help you have that once-in-a-lifetime Lapland holiday that the entire family can enjoy. Outfitted with premium bedding, the master bedroom provides privacy and convenience; allowing you to keep your luggage out of sight and to enjoy the beautiful, Lappish landscape that surrounds you. A second bedroom (perfect for children) and two convertible sofa beds, add to the convenience and accommodate larger groups, too.

Equipped with a refrigerator, dishwasher, induction hob, oven, microwave, and hot beverage appliances, the kitchen provides you with the independence to make your own meals and snacks – perfect for little ones and late-night cravings.

All of this is available with the added bonus of having a truly spectacular view of Lake Olkka.

Kammi Family Suites (40,5 m2) are equipped with

Breakfast in Restaurant Aitta is included in the stay.

Things to consider when comparing our accommodations:

There are a few, key differences between the Kammi Suite and the Kammi Family Suite. Kammi Suite is 32 m2 and offers a panoramic view of the sky, whereas Kammi Family Suite is 40,5 m2, has a bigger kitchen, two bedrooms, and a lakeside location with glass walls to Lake Olkka.

Our accommodations do not include televisions as we encourage our guests to embrace the great outdoors and the activity opportunities available to them at Apukka Resort. You won’t miss your TV when you’re watching the Northern Lights dance above your head.

Story behind the name of Kammi Family Suite

The word “kammi” means a partially underground accommodation that is insulated with moss. Commonly seen throughout Lapland, Apukka Resort’s take on the kammi incorporates the coziness associated with this traditional, Lappish structure and blends style and comfort to deliver an unforgettable lodging experience. Authentic and ecologically friendly, let our Kammi Family Suite transport you to another state of mind and take you on an imaginative journey where reindeer herders gaze upon the Northern Lights while trekking through the fells of Lapland.

3D virtual tour to Kammi Family Suite in Apukka Resort Rovaniemi




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