Apukka Resort
And nature fulfills the rest

Once the snow melts on spring time, a whole other beautiful world reveals itself here in Apukka Resort. The untouched forests, the clear blue waters and the nightless night welcome you to experience the Lappish summer. Join us on unique adventures on water or on land, enjoy our cozy accommodation and Sauna World and simply enjoy the stunning silence around you. The Land of the Midnight Sun awaits!

Summer time
at Apukka Resort

We will remain closed through the summer 2020, but starting from the 12th of October 2020 the logs in the fireplace of Apukka Resort will be lit again to welcome guests from all around the world. The late autumn is a great time to experience the marvels of Lapland and witness the rapid change of seasons in the far North. The dark nights give room to magic on the nightly skies – October and November greet us with some of the best possibilities to spot the mythical Northern Lights on the sky above us. Take the first step towards our autumn adventures from below!

Summer & Autumn accommodation

Choose your style to stay under the Midnight Sun!



Summer & Autumn activities

Explore the Finnish Summer and Autumn.

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