Support huskies

Beautiful things can be accomplished by a single good deed.

Together we can make a difference and support Janne and his huskies through the challenges of COVID-19 pandemic.

We here at Apukka Resort take great pride to work with dedicated and hard-working professionals. One of the most important co-operatives working along side us is Janne (Wild Huskyes Tmi), together with his marvelous pack of eager huskies. With a big heart and a wide smile, Janne runs his own dogsledding company at the premises of Apukka and has within the years become an essential part of our Apukka family.

Though the COVID-19 pandemic has put worldwide tourism on hold, the life at Janne’s dog yard goes on. The huskies and Janne train together on daily basis – according to Janne’s words, nothing keeps you fit better than training 54 huskies several times a week across the snowy plains of Lapland! The huskies eat and get vaccinations and health care as normal, but there is one essential thing that has changed: Due to the world wide travel restrictions, for over a year there have been only very few customers taking part on Janne’s husky adventures.

Soon, it will be time for adventures again. When that time comes, Janne and the huskies will be waiting for you, ready to take you on unforgettable adventures. Meanwhile, perhaps together we can help Janne and his amazing pack of huskies past these challenging times – click the products for more info on how you can help.

All of the profits after taxes from Pawshake of Support product are directed in full to Janne and his huskies.

All it takes is a small good deed.
Together we shall adventure again soon.




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