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Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland

Our blog introduces life in the Arctic to you one topic at a time. From our daily lives here in the North to the old beliefs built around the Northern Lights and the history of Lapland, our blog familiarizes Finland and the Finns to you on a new level.

Please have a look at our blog, hope you find it interesting!

The Spark of a Flint

Bonfires have always had a special place in the hearts of a Finn. There is something magical in the atmosphere an open fire creates around it. When a fire is lit, it’s almost as if time would stop and the shadows casted to the surrounding forest by its hypnotizing flames became the only reality you know.  The peace …

The Story of a Certain Dogmusher

Apukka Resort is a wilderness resort on the edge of the Lappish outback. It is old log walls and fireplaces, laavus hidden deep in the surrounding forests and a location for endless possibilities of spotting the mythical Northern Lights. But beyond all this, Apukka Resort is the people. We have an amazing team of brave souls with limitless …

The First Snow of the Winter

As you are reading this, the first proper snow of the winter has just landed to the ground at Apukka Resort. And there is a lot of it, enough for us to start running many of our winter activities. The thermometer is showing -16 C, and because of the quick drop in the temperature we …

The four seasons of Apukka Resort

We here in Apukka Resort have had an amazing summer underneath the Midnight Sun and have enjoyed every single moment of the sunshine and warm days it has presented to us. Yet still, one of the reasons we love Finland so much is the fact that we have four beautiful seasons here, all of them …

Snow Fact #3 – The Biggest Snowball Fight, like ever

Do you know about “the war of snowballs” that took place two years ago? Snowball fights are fun. Especially when you have many fighters at the same time. You know, the more the merrier. We’ve had plenty of world records here at our list of Snow Facts, like the biggest snowflake or the first identical …

Snow Fact #2 – Snowflakes alike

Stop the press! Did you know two snowflakes can be the same? You may have heard people saying that two snowflakes cannot possibly be identical. Well, it is actually a myth which was busted already 40 years ago! No scientist ever said that two snowflakes cannot be the same. This idea was made popular by …

Snow Fact #1 – The World Largest Snowflake

Have you heard of the biggest snowflake ever? Last year, we delved into fascinating Northern Light facts. This year, we take a closer look at snow! Welcome to our Snow Fact series, which is sure to make you see snow in a new light. Our inaugural fact will be about the largest snowflake ever recorded. …




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